Rectangle shape type: what to wear?

A figure is given to a person at birth, and already during his life a person can change it with the help of exercises and diets. Further in the article, we will consider the features of a rectangular figure and find out what things can emphasize its merits.

Features of the figure "rectangle"

This type of figure is considered model, and does not differ in feminine lines and seductive forms. The following features of the "rectangle" can be distinguished :

  • it is difficult to highlight the waist;
  • flat buttocks;
  • shoulders and hips of equal width;
  • slender legs and arms.

The figure is divided into two varieties: a rectangle and a slender column. The first type is distinguished by a slightly protruding abdomen, medium or short stature and large breasts. The girls of the second type are tall, with angular shoulders, barely noticeable breasts and slender arms.

Attention! Even after many years, the girls with the figure “slender column” do not grow fat, and their silhouette resembles the outlines of a teenage boy.

We emphasize only the merits of the figure

Slender girls have graceful shoulders and a flat tummy. In the case of overweight, it is compensated by beautiful breasts and the right proportions.

Attention! In a rectangular figure, the difference between the hips and the waist is not significant: less than 22 cm.

We select a wardrobe

Slender girls of this type fit almost everything. But for fuller ladies there is a problem - the lack of a pronounced waist. The right choice of clothes can solve this problem.


As for everyday options, shirtless dresses, a-line, A-line, peplum sheath, as well as retro dresses in the style of the 50s and safari are ideal.

For an evening look, outfits in the style of empire and asymmetric with one shoulder are suitable. A high cut on dresses to the floor will effectively emphasize slim legs.

Reference! Pay attention to two-tone models with contrasting wedges on the sides, as well as miniature black dresses.

Tunics, tops and cardigans

It is not recommended to wear cropped and tight tops on narrow straps . An illiterate length will once again emphasize the absence of a waist. It will be advantageous to look like a cut in the style of a bluson, as well as a tunic. But the turtleneck is only suitable for a jacket.

Semi-fitted cardigans on one button are a good option.

Pants (jeans), shorts

It is better to choose things with a high or low waist line to avoid excess volume. Slender girls can choose trousers of various models, including a straight silhouette, narrowed down or skinny skinny.

You need to know that the breeches visually round off the narrow hips, and the free “boyfriend” model will add fragility and tenderness to the image. Slim legs will allow you to wear shorts of any length, depending on personal preference.


Ladies with a rectangular figure to create an office image should choose a pencil skirt.

Feminine bow will create a cut sun and trapezoid. A tulip skirt will add splendor where it is not enough.


Difficulties with the choice of outerwear should not arise. The main principle is not to create unnecessary massiveness. The length can be any, depending on personal preference.

General recommendations will be as follows:

  • A trapezoidal coat fitted and with sewn pockets. Fur coats - straight or flared silhouette, from fur with a short pile.
  • Down jackets are straight without a belt or cylinders.
  • Raincoats and jackets in the form of a classic trench coat.
  • Jackets - jacket, jackets or bomber jackets.


Closed items are not suitable in this case. The choice is better to stop on a catchy bikini . Looks good models with a mini skirt and trim top with ruffles and pleats .

What to remove from the wardrobe?

The first thing from the wardrobe is to remove the narrow belts, as they only emphasize the lack of a waist. Refuse skirts and trousers on the drawstring with an elastic band, which also focuses on the problem area.

Not recommended for girls with a figure "rectangle" and tight-fitting things.

Important! Do not use a skirt or low-rise pants and a cropped crop top in one set.

Suitable fabrics

Take a closer look at the soft, airy materials that smoothly envelop the body, rather than stand by the stake. Pick the right color combinations.

Dresses in which the top and bottom differ in color look spectacular . Visually, the proportions can be changed using strips. In particular, horizontal patterns in the waist area will visually add a couple more centimeters in the belt, and vertical ones, on the contrary, will narrow it.

Shoes & Accessories

There are no strict regulations in the selection of shoes. For short girls it is best to use a flat sole to a minimum and, if possible, choose stilettos.

The bag should be combined with the proportions of the body . It is better to give preference to traditional clutches of geometric shapes and soft backpacks.

Long scarves, chains, beads, as well as massive earrings and brooches will look spectacular . Wide belts are best worn on the hips.

Properly selected wardrobe will help to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the merits. Therefore, before buying a thing, it is important to pay attention not only to the fashion or manufacturer, but also to whether it fits your figure.