Rain suit for a boy and a girl do it yourself

A little more, and a wave of children's morning performances, carnivals, Christmas trees, and home-made costumed evenings will swept across the country.

Not every child wants to be a clown, a bunny or an Indian. Superheroes and supervillains are not encouraged in all educational organizations.

We will try to make a fresh, unbroken image of "Rain" with our own hands.

Options for suits "Rain"

Any matinee begins with the question “Who are you?” So that your child is not questioned, let's decide on the “markers” of the costume.

Mandatory attributes of the Rain suit, allowing you to accurately determine the suit: rubber boots or galoshes on your feet, an open umbrella in your hands. Various hats - stylized hats - clouds, hats decorated with Christmas tree rain, capes with a hood.

The color scheme of the costume is designed in cold blue, white and blue, and if you need thunderclouds, then add gray tones.

We offer the following models of "Rain":

  • A cloak with a hood, worn over a specially tailored suit, or suitable baby clothing.
  • The jumpsuit or the finished kit is complemented by rubber boots, an umbrella decorated with ribbons.
  • A hat-hat with running droplets complements the standard costume.
  • For the smallest, make a cloud vest.

Choosing just one element or combining several, we get a funny, easy-to-make costume.

Choose ready-made clothes

Boys do not like the fuss around their person, therefore, without pleasure they will try on a “designer” new thing.

Based on this, we will carry out an audit of the cabinet:

  • We decorate wide trousers or, on the contrary, narrow models of a suitable “rainy” color with droplets cut from felt, cloth, velvet, and a suitable plastic bag.
  • We decorate a turtleneck or pullover in a similar way.
  • On the collar, cuffs, yoke of the shirt we sew the braid with a translucent rain, tinsel.
  • We trim the shorts with fringe, ribbons, rain, preferably long.

We sew a rain suit

If your little son has nothing against trying on a new suit, then let's sew him a jumpsuit.

The pattern is given in size 28 (the height of the child is 110), suitable for a boy 4-5 years old. The pattern easily increases - decreases by a couple of sizes.

According to this pattern, you can sew several more types of carnival costumes, for example, a clown.

Would need:

  • Fabric, better elastic - 2.30 m. With a width of 100 cm, 1.5 m. With a width of 150 cm.
  • Ready slanting inlay.
  • Button.
  • Beads, sequins, transparent beads - droplets.
  • New Year's rain.
  • Threads in tone.
  • Tailor's chalk, scissors.

Pattern "Rain":

  • The front half of the trousers - 2 parts.
  • The rear half of the trousers - 2 parts.
  • Sleeve - 2 parts.
  • Shelf - 2 parts.
  • Back - 2 parts.

Advice! This jumpsuit can be made from obsolete things. Previously, the fabric needs to be washed and ironed.

Working process:

Advice! Sleeves and legs of this model can be left free, or put on an elastic band or cuffs.

  • Lay out the details of the pattern on the pre-treated fabric, chalk over, outlining allowances for the seams.
  • Sew the back along the middle seam, leave 4-5 cm for the fastener.
  • Sew the shelf in the center.
  • Sew side seams.
  • We iron all seams.
  • Stitch the tuck, then the side seam of the sleeve.
  • We process the bottom of the sleeve. We twist, optionally insert an elastic band or leave free. As a cuff we use knitted fabric.
  • We process the neck with a slanting inlay.
  • We carry out a hinged loop from inlay.
  • Sew a button on the neck of the back.
  • Sew the side seams of the trousers.
  • We sew step seams of trousers.
  • Sew the middle seam of the trousers.
  • Sew trousers to the bodice.
  • We decorate with bunches of translucent Christmas tree rain, sequins. Transparent beads look good - raindrops.
  • Try on.

Decorate the umbrella

Umbrella is the main sign of rain. You can not sew a suit, take only a decorated umbrella and that will be enough.

Would need:

  • An umbrella, preferably blue.
  • Christmas tree rain, preferably translucent or blue.
  • Glue gun or thread with a needle.

Working process

On the edge of the umbrella we sew or glue the bundles of rain.

Advice! You can do with ordinary blue garbage bags. We cut them into thin strips and decorate them with an umbrella. It will look even more interesting than the rain.

Making a cloud hat

A “rainy” hat is suitable for both boys and girls, perfectly complements the image of the rain.

Would need:

  • Old hat with brim.
  • Vata, hollofiber or synthetic winterizer of gray or white color.
  • Christmas tree rain.
  • Felt blue.
  • Sequins.
  • Threads.
  • Glue.

Working process:

  • If the color of the cloud does not suit us, you can color the holofiber or synthetic winterizer in light blue or gray.
  • Glue cotton to the old hat, which is definitely unnecessary, or the material that you have chosen to make the hat.

Advice! It is desirable that the headdress has lost its original shape, it really began to resemble a cloud. You can stick in several layers.

From blue felt we cut out identical droplets.

  • We measure the dense threads of the desired length (from the fields of the hat to the waist of the child). It’s beautiful if all the threads are of different lengths.
  • We glue the drops in pairs, lay a thread between the workpieces.
  • Glue the threads to the edge of the hat margins, masking them well with cotton.
  • Try on.

Advice! We knit a chain of dense threads with a crochet, glue droplets on it. This design is stronger than just threads.

A hat decorated with several shades of chiffon or tulle, assembled with various forks, folds, will look interesting.