Rail towel holder

A paper towel is an indispensable thing for the hostess in the kitchen. It is practical, hygienic, simple and quick to use. Dry the surface of the table, wipe hands after washing dishes, remove excess drops of food from the plate - this is only a small part of what paper towels are useful for. No need to mess with rags “for the table” and “for the hands”, wash the soiled fabric so quickly. And a roll of paper, matched to the color of the kitchen, can also become a cute piece of decor, which your guests will definitely appreciate.

Railing - a convenient place for a towel

One of the convenient ways to arrange many kitchen accessories is railings. This is a metal pipe that is mounted above the kitchen worktop and stove directly under the kitchen cabinets. And already on it with the help of metal hooks shelves and holders are hung.

IMPORTANT! Using railing allows you to place a large number of cutlery in a small kitchen space. And also create maximum comfort for their use.

Mounted railing holders have gained popularity, as there are many advantages to using them.

  • During cooking, a paper towel is always literally at arm's length . No need to walk around the kitchen and waste time on unnecessary movement.
  • Mounted shelves are mobile, they can be hung in a matter of seconds in a convenient place.
  • Small permutations can be made at any time. To do this, simply swap the shelf-holders.
  • Ergonomic use of space .

Rail Towel Holders

Convenient railing holders are very important in organizing the kitchen space. The assortment of shop holders only grows over time to cater to the tastes of every housewife.

Particularly popular are metal chrome shelves . They can be either solid or made in the form of metal mesh baskets .

On sale are a variety of designs of shelves-holders: flat, wavy, multi-level, angular, for several rolls . Thanks to this, each person will be able to choose an individual solution that is most convenient for organizing space in the kitchen.