"Camel's foot" or how to wear tight pants, leggings

Recently, I accidentally heard a conversation between two ladies (they washed the bones of a friend). The phrase “How do you like her camel's foot?” Perplexed me. I’ve never heard of such a feminine “affiliation” and I don’t know what to compare with. Is the presence of some kind of foot - good or bad? And anyway, where is the camel's paws? We have to figure it out!

"Dangerous places" in tight trousers and leggings

Sometimes when you look at a spectacular girl dressed in tight jeans or leggings, a feeling of some awkwardness arises. Due to tightly crashed clothes, the anatomical details of the most intimate part of the body leave no space for imagination - everything is in sight, and if you still have “this” before your eyes in public transport ...

For middle-aged women, the problem is relevant due to body fat in "this" place. Often found on beaches, gyms, pools.

"This" is the very thing that in English is called camel toe (literally - a camel's hoof). In order not to offend the hearing of sophisticated persons, we can say “camel's foot”. So we will say.

What does camel foot mean?

“Camel foot” - a defect in clothing, expressed in folds and repetition of the shape of the female genital organs. Often observed when wearing tight-fitting clothing . On the beach or in the gym, a swimsuit, swimming trunks or shorts that crashed into the body can be justified by the elasticity of the material. In everyday life, a woman in tight trousers or leggings with a prominent pubis and all the details of her anatomy looks, at least, ridiculous. And most often it’s vulgar . As Frecken Bock from the movie “Baby and Carlson” would say: “Phew, how indecent!”

Okay - indecent. This is for others. And how inconvenient! Closely, rubs, and is harmful to the body.

Interesting! Another, less common, but more pleasant for hearing name - a vertical smile.

How to avoid the manifestation of this "phenomenon"?

Reflections and recommendations on this subject:

  1. Clothing should be appropriate in size. If the trousers are narrow and fit the buttocks too tight, a “camel foot” is provided.
  2. A careful choice of material from which wardrobe items are made is an important aspect. No to spandex and polyester! Either choose thicker fabrics or lined models in the problem area (this applies to sports leggings and shorts).
  3. Not the last role in camouflage “camel paws” is played by color. Dark is better than light. Printed drawing - funny, but suitable for confident ladies, and better on vacation or jogging in the park .
  4. Leggings of light tones are desirable in the wardrobe only if there is an elongated top. Tunics, T-shirts, vests “below the priests” will hide the “outstanding details” of the body.
  5. Pay attention to the cut . Unsuccessful jeans or trousers can play a bad joke with you and will nullify all efforts to strive to be on top. Models, especially those made of light and thin fabrics, should be free.
  6. Wear tight panties to maximize clothing tightness in the crotch area. Do not flatter yourself, buy the right size, and not two less numbers - walking will be more convenient and you will not have to constantly pull on your pants.

Interesting! On the sites of "profile" online stores offer to buy artificial "camel legs" made of rubber. You can even choose a color close to the skin tone. Wear them under trousers and leggings. Why is this necessary? Apparently, in order to attract attention, "stand out from the crowd." Everyone has their own oddities!

The camel's foot will disappear:

  • if you slightly lower the trousers or leggings (the fit in the problem area will decrease);
  • if the daily gasket is adjusted horizontally to the panties (rotate 90 degrees);
  • if you pull the pants a little in the groin area (for a while you can provide freedom of fit);
  • if there is a special insert for underwear that resembles a gasket, but from a more dense material;
  • if you buy special panties with several layers and an insert in the crotch area.

And remember, leggings are not pants! Consider the shape of your legs and hip size to create the perfect look .

Interesting! Monkeys use a demonstration of the genitals to invite the male to mate as the main method of attraction.

If you are not lucky, and you went out into the street in a similar form, then feet in hands - and go home! Review your outfit and dress so that your camel toe is just a memory. Well, you're still not a chimpanzee!