Queen of prints - designer Mary Katrantzou

British designer of Greek descent Mary Katranzu became famous in fashion circles for her extravagant views on fashion. Most of all , her collection of celebrities is attracted by the variety and exclusivity of prints.

Designer Achievements and Prizes

At the age of 20, Mary moved from Greece to the USA, where she graduated from a design school, and then in 2007 entered the most prestigious art college in London. A year later, she showed the world her first collection of dresses as her thesis.

Literally from the first outfit, Mary demonstrated her authorial style using unique computer printing. Dresses were decorated with giant digital images of jewelry.

The style in which the designer works is called trompley . From French, this translates as "optical illusion." According to the author, the classical methods of printing on fabric do not create the desired volume of the picture and color reproduction, so she turned to the emerging digital graphics . For which she soon won awards from the London department store Harrods and the company L'Oreal Professional.

In 2009, at London Fashion Week, Katranzu received several awards at once as the most promising designer. In the same year she founded her brand.

In 2010, in Switzerland, a national organization within the framework of Fashion Days Zurich presented Mary with the prestigious Swiss Textile Award for creative ideas and innovation.

In 2011, Mary Katranzu received the BFC Award from the British Fashion Council in the nomination “New Talent. Ready-made clothes. "

In 2012, the designer, together with the French brand Longchamp, released a collection of bags in their own unique style.

In 2013, scented candles from Mary and Rodial brand went on sale in original stained glass candlesticks.

In 2014, the young designer signed a long-term contract with Adidas and released a collection of sports casual wear. Her unique graphics and bright colors-electrician embodied in the author's images in the style of the 80s.

Applique and extraordinary prints

She is called the “queen of print” and it is absolutely justified. Suddenly bright and at the same time exquisite drawings on dresses in her collections resemble:

  • movie posters of the 1970s;
  • Russian constructivism;
  • exquisite perfume bottles from Dior and Guerlain;
  • Faberge famous products;
  • Chinese vases of the Ming Dynasty;
  • outlandish birds;
  • exotic flowers;
  • aquariums, stairs and more.

Important! A distinctive feature of Mary's work is the optical effect of three-dimensional images on fabric.

The designer draws outfits with complex illusory prints and applications, making them unique and beautiful.

Katranzu Collection 2019

In her new fall 2019 collection, Mary worked with the elements of nature. The theme of the show was voiced as "Earth, air, fire, water." The highlight of the new collection was the abundance of bright colors, ostrich feathers and air frills.

In an era when mass production has receded into the background for both designers and consumers, Katranzu’s work is only gaining popularity.

Customers - Stars

Mary's design was appreciated by many popular women . Anna Dello Russo, editor of Vogue magazine, journalist Karin Reutfeld, actresses Rosamund Pike, Keira Knightley, Cate Blanchett, singer Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the wife of US President Michelle Obama have repeatedly appeared in public in her outfits.

Bloggers, celebrities, stars and everything for whom fashion is work and lifestyle, put on her work.

Mary Katranzu's outfits set them apart from the crowd in any fashion week . Fans of Mary's work collect her dresses season after season, ready to pay huge sums of money for her most extravagant and unusual works.