Pros and cons of polyurethane jackets

Polyurethane items have recently become popular. Due to their unique properties, they are practically no different from genuine leather goods.

Pluses of polyurethane jackets

The latest production technologies have allowed the consumer to introduce a new type of artificial material - eco-leather.

The canvas does not have an unpleasant odor, it does not cause irritation and allergies, is characterized by good breathability. The canvas is made of fabric-based polyurethane.

This modern type of material is very plastic . Polyurethane has the ability to stretch and take its former shape. This means that outerwear will not cease to please the neat appearance, even after a long time of wear. In the most problematic places, for example, on the elbows, it does not deform.

The new material - polyurethane has tremendous wear resistance . Strength will ensure the durability of the product. The fabric has reduced hygroscopicity. In such outerwear it is not terrible to get wet in inclement weather. Despite this, the material has pores through which micro-ventilation occurs.

Due to the composition, eco-leather items do not crease. This quality facilitates the process of daily care and socks.

The price of such windbreakers will please buyers. A huge selection of colors and styles will attract even the most fastidious fashionista.

Important! Faux leather is resistant to low temperatures, thanks to this, winter clothes are also sewn from it. Ultraviolet also does not harm the canvas.

Cons of polyurethane jackets

Despite its positive characteristics, each material has drawbacks. Polyurethane does not have many, for example, products do not tolerate high temperatures. So, they require careful treatment.

How a polyurethane jacket is worn overall

The windbreaker fits the figure nicely. But it requires careful care. Wash in a gentle mode at low temperature . Otherwise, the jacket will lose its aesthetic properties.

Important! Ironing must be handled with care. Not all products can be subjected to it.

Compare with similar jacket materials

Products made of genuine leather are waterproof and breathable, it is much more comfortable to wear them. But the price is usually very high, and the choice of colors is limited.

The most common: black, brown and white shades. The choice of models also does not differ in a rich spectrum, mainly classic ones.

Faux leather outerwear will not be comfortable to wear. Due to the fact that air is not allowed, it will be hot in it. Sweating in such clothes is very easy.

Advice! The best option is clothes made of polyurethane (eco leather). It has the properties of genuine leather, but the price of its artificial counterpart.

Is it worth buying a polyurethane jacket

If you pick up a jacket for one or two seasons, then eco-leather will be the best option. Its cost is democratic, the quality is quite acceptable.

The assortment is varied both in styles and in a color palette. There are a huge number of models: from classic to stylized under leather jackets.

If you need a new thing for a longer time, then it makes sense to consider the option of purchasing a product from genuine leather.