Prints that look cheap and tasteless

To look "expensive", you do not have to spend a fortune on buying a fashionable wardrobe. It is enough just to know which print favorably emphasizes the beauty of the image, as well as clearly imagine what ornaments on clothes spoil the outfit and negate all efforts to create beauty. Today you can find in boutiques a lot of things made in a variety of styles and decorated with a variety of designs. The main thing is to choose the one that suits the woman and does not spoil her appearance with inappropriate clumsy paints.

List of “expensive” prints

There are only 5 simple ornaments that always look “expensive”, despite the cost of the wardrobe item. They emphasize the beauty of a woman and allow her to look worthy in any situation.

These prints include:

  • “Goose foot” (this drawing hails from Scotland and at one time it was a symbol of neutrality, lack of belonging to one of the clans, today it is a symbol of the classical style, but, thanks to its versatility, it can be used successfully and in informal images, with the print “ goose foot "never goes out of fashion);
  • the “Prince of Wales” cage (the name itself prompts thoughts of something noble with a long history; a stylish and elegant cage looks great in various wardrobe items, including outerwear, the image always looks “expensive”, especially since this season the cell is considered a real trend);
  • “Chevron” print (this is a highlight of the collections of the fashion brand Missoni, in addition, this print is practically not faked, as a result of which it looks very original and “expensive”);
  • print “peas” (in the eyes of ordinary people, dresses with polka dots are something from the category of vintage, and in those days the wardrobe was carefully chosen and made up of expensive things, which is why dresses and suits with classic polka dots always look “expensive”);
  • abstraction (for artists-abstractionists, paintings are always quite expensive, which is why a fashion print always makes clothes very attractive and visually expensive).

Important! Using the presented print options, you can update your wardrobe without spending all the savings, but at the same time look elegant and “expensive”.

Fashion designers and stylists are not shy about using these universal prints to create the most spectacular female images. They can be used for everyday onions or used in classic business suits. In each case, they will look attractive and unusual.

What prints look cheap and why?

Along with the most attractive, one can observe unsuccessful patterns on clothes, which stylists strongly recommend against using in images. This is especially true for women who have crossed the 40-year mark. At such a “wise” age, you need to choose everyday sets with special care, without neglecting the advice of stylists and clothing designers.

A striking example of the unsuccessful and unsuitable for the vast majority of women is the leopard print. This is a very dangerous picture that looks appropriate and sexy except on the cover of a men's magazine. In reality, everything looks very sad. Women, for the most part not possessing ideal figure parameters, put on safari-style clothes and look vulgar and even vulgar. This print looks especially comical on women who have crossed the 40-year mark.

Numerous flowers and colorful ornament, which is densely decorated with the thing, always make the image less spectacular. It is better to pay attention to the calm classic shades of wardrobe items that are not full of decorative elements. Such clothes do not look frivolous.

You should also be wary of clothing with flashy inscriptions and names of fashion brands. Only young people and teenagers can afford it. Such clothes are categorically not suitable for status women even for casual or home clothes.