Print "hearts" - the conqueror of Instagram summer 2019

It is probably difficult to find a woman who in her youth would not draw cute hearts on the fields of notebooks, in a diary or in meaningful notes to a friend. The symbol of a romantic relationship evokes a kind smile and nostalgic memories, catching our eye.

In 2019, the positive energy emanating from this simple drawing is maximally used by fashion designers and designers. The print "hearts" unexpectedly turned out to be a hit of the season . He left far behind the aggressive “leopard” colors, idyllic floral motifs, boring order and turned into the category of boring classics, patterns in peas and cages.

“Hearty” instagram summer 2019

This is easy to verify. It is enough to look at the pages of instagram to understand: fashion trendsetters actively wear “hearts” this summer .

A variety of summer wardrobe items become a field for a charming print:

  • flying dresses made of light airy fabrics;
  • seductive sheath dresses;
  • minimalistic tops;
  • romantic blouses;
  • skirts;
  • pants of various styles.

Famous brands such as Gucci or RED Valentino do not ignore the popular print of 2019. If suddenly the July heat gives way to a few cool days, it's time to think about shirts and hoodies with hearts from Undercover or House of Holland.

Instagram "hearts"

See how the celebrity instagram prints.

Jeanne Damas

A Parisian woman, well known to all fans of French fashion, shows a charming dress-combination of her brand Rouje. It also attracts attention with a scattering of small hearts.

Maria Bernad

The Spanish fashionista Maria Bernad does not lag behind her either. Her outfit from Réalisation Par is designed in the traditionally “Spanish” color scheme of red and black. But the combination of a pleated skirt with a refined tight-fitting top with a small pattern evokes thoughts not of fatal passions, but of a sunny summer and good mood.

Celebrities choose a popular print

"Heart" fever struck many celebrities. At the same time, the combination of wardrobe items and colors is impressive in its variety.

Taylor Swift

I made a choice in favor of a dark blue sweater.

Multi-colored and rather large hearts on it allowed her to combine turquoise trousers, dark shoes and a red bag in her image, repeating the color scheme of the print.

Diana Krueger

Diana Krueger did not remain indifferent to the popular topic. The black-and-white scale and rather laconic cut of the dress allowed her to create a modest and elegant image, even with such a frivolous pattern of fabric.

Selena Gomez

An original sweater with big red hearts sunk into the heart of Selena Gomez.

Miranda Kerr

The list goes on with Miranda Kerr in a classic white print blouse, brown leather pants and a blue cardigan.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Seen on a walk in a democratic sweatshirt, decorated with a huge multi-colored heart .

Rosie Huntington

A popular print has found its place in accessories. Rosie Huntington considered it possible to complement her walking bow with an original bag with brown accents studded with black hearts.

How to wear a popular print

Let’s try and we will figure out how to wear things with a popular print.


They can have different styles, and the print is small, large or different sizes.

Not only summer models, but also dresses from more dense fabrics look original and romantic . They will delight you on a cool autumn day, and cozy knitted models will warm you in the winter cold.

ATTENTION! If you choose a dress for a special occasion or holiday, pay attention to the two-color solution.

The classic combination of black and white, red with white or burgundy with white will be appropriate in any, even official setting. It will allow you to save the exquisite image of a real lady, despite the frivolous drawing of the fabric.


They can also be simple and light with a multi-colored print or classic models with a two-color pattern.

When choosing skirts or trousers for them, the solid color model is the best solution.

IMPORTANT! If the skirt repeats one of the shades of the blouse, the image is more elegant. A contrasting solution gives the woman freshness, enthusiasm and frivolity.

Skirts, trousers

The same principle should be followed, completing the ensemble of a skirt or trousers "in the heart." The ideal companion in this case is a white blouse or shirt.

You can be sure that the frivolous and mischievous skirt will perfectly balance the conciseness and simplicity of the upper part of your outfit.


And another wardrobe item that can also be decorated with hearts is tights. However, pantyhose with hearts have long and firmly occupied the position of a classic and an example of retro style .

The only thing that must be remembered is that they will certainly draw attention to the legs . So, girls who are confident in the beauty and harmony of their legs can choose such a model.