Like a princess. Rings and rings that amaze the imagination

Forget about the rings of traditional design and discover the world of jewelry that reflects your taste preferences and attitude towards certain people. Products with elven weaving, miniature rings of the greatest constructions, snake braiding fingers, golden phoenixes shining with gold and code locks folding into someone’s name will tell you more than typical rings and will make you unforgettable.

Incredible rings for fashionistas

Allow yourself a little more than standard precious metal options or conservative signet shapes. The classics of the genre fade before skillfully executed miniatures and mythical creatures seated on fingers. In addition to them, symbolic jewelry definitely deserves attention . They can often be seen in the arms of lovers who decide to legitimize their relationship.

With fabulous motives

Literature and mythology are a rich source of ideas and inspiration. Designers like to recreate the decorations described in books . Some are so immersed in the world of the work that they even adopt technology from there. As a result, collections of jewelry and jewelry appear in our reality, according to all criteria, corresponding to the popular fictional universe. For example, the Lord of the rings, The Witcher, Game of Thrones.

Important! Tolkien is the “parent” of the modern concept of gnomes and elves. Therefore, it is precisely his work that is resorted to when they want to create an ornament that resembles the work of these fictional peoples.

Not only designs are adopted, but also characters with creatures. Due to the wealth of folklore, outlandish flowers bloom in their hands, mythological birds nest, watch dangerous but non-existent predators in the real world, hold fabulous animals in their claws and mouths.

Dragon rings look incredibly spectacular . It can be just a muzzle or a whole reptile, whose tail once or repeatedly wraps around a finger. Mermaids holding gems in their hands look no worse, and sometimes more interesting. And, of course, the thing is not complete without precious scarabs, muzzle of hardwolves, entwining the fingers of sea monsters with an immense number of tentacles and heads, as well as 12 Zodiac Signs.

If desired, it will turn out to find jewelry not just with fairy or mythical creatures, but with specific heroes . For example, with the Cheshire Cat, Medusa Gorgon, the Minotaur and even with Darth Vader. Cinema universes exert influence on jewelry designers in power comparable to the influence of folklore and science fiction books. Anime and video games are not far behind them.

Important! Many interesting options are related to plant subjects. See the Mysterious Forest collection for an example. It is represented by rings and signets with outlandish berries made of metal and precious stones, with existing and nonexistent colors.

In addition to these options, there are miniature rings. They tell a whole magical story, and do not represent a specific hero. Theo Fennel is keen on creating such little things. At this jeweler you can find:

  • a ring in the form of a cabinet from a series of books about Narnia;
  • a ring with an emerald and the Yellow Road from the Wizard of Oz;
  • ring with a medieval castle of legends;
  • ring with pirates and a chest full of gold.

Fennel's works are notable for the fact that from above they look just like a massive painted ring, but their stones recline . Under them inside the cavity and on the discarded “cover” is a miniature that allows you to plunge into magical universes.

The real furore was the work of Stephen Webster, who embodied 7 deadly sins in 7 rings.

Stunning structures on the fingers

If Theo Fennel hides the “zest” behind the hinged “lid”, then some other designers prefer to leave the miniatures in sight. So on hands appear tiny images of the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin, 7 Wonders of the World. The work is so neat and close to the originals that one involuntarily recalls Lefty.

Fancy wedding rings

No couple considers themselves like others. That is why at the height of fashion, wedding jewelry that can emphasize the essence of the relationship and distinguish its masters from the crowd. For these purposes, the following models are offered:

  • with the fingerprints of the newlyweds on the rim (an alternative to the names on the inside of the ring);
  • with decor on the inner part of the rim (when put on, the ring looks simple, but it is worth removing it, and the main distinguishing feature of the product becomes noticeable);
  • with convex engraving on the inside (due to pressure, the inscription or drawing is literally imprinted on the skin, over time, the effect is fixed and thereby a “tattoo” appears on the finger);
  • square rings, triangle rings;
  • wedding rings-knots (a miniature rope made of gold and silver with the help of a cunning knot forever seals the union of 2 loving hearts);
  • rings that imitate round objects (for example, balls, tires);
  • models with love motifs (with hearts, cupids, cardiogram, Japanese idea of ​​feminine and masculine origin, Cherubim);
  • rings with royal attributes (for example, with coats of arms, crowns);
  • products based on the idea of ​​ties (for example, with cast decor from unbreakable chains).

Ordinary engraving inside and outside paired wedding jewelry is also popular. However, instead of the usual names, lovers post excerpts from poems, meaningful phrases and words special to them exclusively.

Rating of the most extraordinary little rings in the world

We present a list of the most creative creations of jewelers and jewelry designers:

  • sets from different parts of animals and birds (while wearing, a whole beast is obtained);
  • porcelain creatures from Nach;
  • a series of ceramic rings with people's faces, psychedelic patterns and skulls from Alex Garnett;
  • epoxy miniature paintings;
  • the Gotham series (miniatures of famous buildings from DiS comics);
  • crystal rings from Kate Rohde;
  • real flowers, placed in miniature crystal balls and attached to a metal rim of a ring;
  • collection of products "Alice in Wonderland";
  • projection rings;
  • wick ring from Blind Spot Jewelery.