Popular fashion bugs in the summer

Every woman wants to look stylish and attractive, especially in summer - this is the time when everyone thinks about their wardrobe. Do you like light and comfortable outfits? Not afraid to look a little frank? What details of clothes can spoil the overall pleasant impression? First things first.

The most common fashion mistakes in the summer

Boots in summer

Modern designers pay a lot of attention to fashionable models of this shoe. Stylish boots look great with all kinds of dresses and skirts.

Without them, it is simply impossible to imagine fashionable ensembles for autumn and spring, while in summer it is better to abandon such shoes . Otherwise, they will give your image some pretentiousness and unnaturalness.

Translucent clothing

Even if this is the last “squeak” of fashion, think carefully about all the details before putting on such a thing. And the matter is not at all the texture of the fabric: it must be correctly combined with underwear.

It is strictly forbidden to wear a fashionable turtleneck in a mesh on a traditional bra. It looks vulgar. It is best to wear it over a thin T-shirt or a matching bralette.

As for trousers made of translucent material, it is preferable to choose dark colors. Together with shorts of the same color, they look quite presentable.

Minimum clothing and maximum naked body

On hot summer days everyone wants to take off all that is superfluous. Be careful! What is beautiful for young girls does not always suit mature beauties . Too frank clothes can make your image not just ridiculous, but even awkward.

Discard short topics in combination with “shorts” . Set aside overly open dress models. Waiting for comfort can completely give way to a feeling of inconvenience, which will hopelessly ruin your vacation.

Combination of incongruous

In our case, this does not apply to mixing styles or color schemes. It's about the texture of the fabrics. You can not wear a skirt of noble silk complete with a knitted top . Otherwise, you risk being ridiculous. It is very important to maintain harmony, only then the female image will be on top.

A properly selected wardrobe will help a woman stay stylish and fashionable on hot summer days. When choosing the appropriate image, be guided by your individual characteristics. The main thing is to try to avoid common mistakes, and then you will always attract men's looks, remaining mysterious and beautiful.