Plyushkina syndrome or how to part with things correctly

Plyushkina syndrome is a pathological desire for hoarding, when a person uncontrollably buys, brings home and stores mountains of unnecessary things. On the one hand, this dependence signals psychological distress, on the other hand, it blocks positive changes in a person’s life. If you do not deal with the problem in time, there is a risk of developing a real mental disorder.

Causes of pathological accumulation

There are various reasons for an overabundance of things. Someone inherited it together with family installations, someone unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of an apartment cluttered with unnecessary boxes with different rubbish ...

Mentality. The consequences of the war, and later - the total deficit in the country, and now the older generation has given us the installation not to throw anything away and “everything into the house”, and suddenly it will come in handy.

The psychology of poverty. This reason closely echoes the previous one. A man does not allow himself to throw away what he has not used for several years - “what if it will be needed and what then - to buy new ?!”. Or instead of one quality thing, 3 cheap and frankly low-quality ones are bought.

Dorval! A sharp increase in income and the availability of purchases in online stores around the world - and now you don’t even need to leave your house to buy something unnecessary. It is proved that the growth of income is certainly followed by an increase in needs. On this wave of euphoria, many rash purchases are often made.

However, people from this category are most likely to realize the need to get rid of unnecessary things and objects in their apartment.

There is money, but there is no happiness. Sometimes the desire to buy unnecessary things is just an attempt to drown out unpleasant emotions, longing and internal discontent. In this way, a person tries to enjoy using acquisitions, like an obese person who, through food, receives joy or comfort.

In this case, it is difficult to stop making spontaneous purchases and begin to clutter up the space around. As with any addiction, you need to find internal resources to rely on, figure out your life and learn to experience joy without rash shopping, cigarettes, alcohol or overeating.

Real mental disorder. It can take the most extreme forms, for example, a person can bring home everything that he sees around. Including items from landfills. Gradually, such an apartment is filled with various unnecessary trash and itself turns into a landfill.

The answer here is one - to contact a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, because even if, by the will of the will (or with the hands of loved ones) once you put things in order, the situation will repeat. It is important to get rid of the cause - the painful desire to collect trash and bring it home.

Negative consequences of littering

Cluttering up space often reflects confusion and confusion in our head, but at the same time affects our condition. A kind of vicious circle forms: an oppressed, dreary mood provokes painful accumulation, and the resulting mess - strengthens internal discontent.

Clutter is often associated with stagnation in finances, careers, personal life, and even with excess weight. The revealed relationship allows you to start small - with putting things in order in your apartment, and then the external will affect the internal. Many note that as soon as they begin to get rid of unnecessary, in life come the long-awaited (and sometimes quite unexpected!) Positive changes.

How to part with things easily and correctly

Mopping up is an action, movement, confirmation of the intention that you are open to the new and there is a place for it in your life.

No feats needed

The scale of the upcoming harvest can be so frightening that it is difficult for a person to take even the first step. Or someone decisively rushes to the embrasure of cluttering, manages only to throw everything out of the cabinets and get it out of the mezzanines - as they are already dead tired or the weekend is over. Time and energy are gone, and psychological stress builds up along with things.

It would be better if getting rid of old things will occur gradually, without physical and emotional stress.

The trash did not accumulate in one day, it took years! Nothing terrible will happen if you still have to live for some time as it was, but the process will be painless, and getting rid of the old (and not buying unnecessary!) Will become a habit.

Turn the process into a game

Develop for yourself your personal strategy of clearing the apartment from unnecessary things . There are many options here, think about which ones inspire you more to action? Checklists, daily reports on social networks, treat yourself to delicious treaties, a dispute with relatives for a large amount?

The digital world is space too

It is important to restore order not only in the physical space, but also in the digital one. Blockages in e-mail, movies that you will never watch, e-books that you will never read, subscriptions to newsletters, uninteresting or unpleasant people on social networks, contacts on the phone all this with our presence invisibly affects us, creates the feeling of a swamp. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes daily and at this time clean up your phone, personal or work laptop.

Combating the results of gathering is not an easy task. Do not set a goal to change the world over the weekend. Do at least one action per day, but regularly, and soon the quantity will turn into quality. New quality of your life!