Perfect match: which shoes fit everything

Each girl is individual and it is impossible to determine a clear framework of how many pairs of shoes and what should be in the wardrobe of a woman. It depends not only on the age, preferences and lifestyle of the lady, everyone has their own needs and interests. However, stylists still distinguish several options for shoes that are necessary for any fashionista, and is suitable for any occasion.

Universal styles and colors

Many people dream of having such a pair of shoes that would be comfortable and suitable for different occasions and outfits. So that you can easily create a unique image and quickly change it if necessary, while remaining in comfortable shoes.

One of the most versatile types of shoes are ballet shoes. They are equally well matched with casual jeans or formal business suits. It is better to choose classic low-key colors, then the girl can be sure of the universality of this pair.

Ankle boots will be another option for great looks. You should choose neutral shades and models with a small wide heel. In this case, such a shoe model will be an excellent partner to any of the outfits almost all year round.

Important! Shoes should be chosen according to your own taste, only based on fashion trends, but not blindly following them. A woman should really like the shoes that are worn on her.

As for the color scheme, as universal you can choose:

  • beige shades;
  • gray shoes;
  • classic black colors.

If, according to the lady, the black color looks too gloomy and is not suitable for creating a perky image, it is better to choose a beige model. This is always a win-win option, which helps to visually make legs longer.

Basic shoes that should be in the women's wardrobe

Despite the fact that each women's wardrobe is unique, there are still general recommendations by fashion designers regarding its basic composition. This applies not only to things, but also to shoes. Any fashionista has several options for couples for different occasions.

So, in the closet of each lady must be present:

  • classic "boats" (you can choose discreet or even universal shades,

    in any case, stylish shoes with thin stiletto heels will be a great addition to any outfit, whether it be an office suit or an evening dress);
  • slip-ons (perfect for casual wardrobe, can easily complement a spectacular bow with a flying dress or casual jeans);
  • ballet shoes (as already mentioned, a universal model that can be adapted to any stylish look);
  • high boots (no fashion season can do without this model, in them a woman will always look chic);
  • loafers (the classic style of these comfortable shoes makes it possible to use them as a stylish addition to an office suit, and after work you can freely go on a long city walk, they are comfortable and look great);
  • sandals (a great addition to a summer outfit, do not hinder your foot and look great);
  • sandals (an indispensable thing for creating a stylish feminine image, good for an evening out or everyday outfit);
  • ankle boots (since in our country it’s cold most of the year, ankle boots become an indispensable thing in the wardrobe, they look great both in everyday looks and as a stylish addition to business suits).

Important! Choosing stylish shoes with universal shades, you can create many bright and stylish sets for every day.

Undoubtedly, every girl wants to be bright and unique. Stylish shoes often help in creating such an image. But not every wallet and wardrobe can withstand endless spending on a new pair. That is why stylists offer universal options that are suitable for different occasions.