Pencil Skirts 2019: Fashion Trends

Beloved by many fashionistas, a pencil skirt will remain a favorite in the upcoming 2019. The efforts of designers who managed to discover new possibilities of the well-known style help her to maintain the status of a universal favorite. So, what are the trends in design and cut pencil skirts in 2019?

What fabrics are in trend?

In addition to changes in the color scheme, enriched with new colors, innovations touched materials. The bold discoveries of recent years are replenished with new ones.


A narrow black leather skirt has long established its position as a chic thing. But leather is also possible in other colors:

  • brown: it will be especially attractive after a hot summer, shading tanned skin paired with a white T-shirt and bright shoes ;
  • burgundy: in combination with a gray or beige top will help to look moderately catchy;
  • emerald green: rather dark, but brighter than black, the skirt will look spectacular with a different shade of green, orange and even red.

Other colors are not excluded.


A patterned lace skirt will become the basis of the solemn set, and can enrich the everyday wardrobe. And not only on warm days - guipures of different densities are combined with thin stockings and dense leggings, consisting of one straps with sandals and massive ankle boots, a light jacket and a fur coat.

A black skirt can be combined with the top of any color, creating images for all occasions. A white laconic blouse will help you stay in strict frames, a luxurious golden corsage will create a luxurious evening toilet, and the combination of black and red will always be out of competition!

Important! The young fashionista has nothing to doubt in the appropriateness of such a dress. The adult lady must be sure that the guipure pencil skirt is to the face and to the place.


Tweed skirt is indispensable in the cold season: high-quality wool will not freeze, while allowing you to stay stylish. A strict silhouette does not interfere with being feminine, gently outlining the figure.

A tight-fitting top is ideal, which can be:

  • fitted shirt (blouse);
  • turtleneck;
  • sweater;
  • knitted vest.


Knitted pencil skirt is possible in different colors, plain and multicolor. This allows you to find your own version of a lady of any age and with different external data. The ensemble created will depend not only on the color of the skirt, but also on the choice of the top. A modest gray jumper emphasizes the severity of the discreet color of the skirt and neutralizes the vibrant print.

Important! Careful with stripes on a knitted skirt: their ability to plump and slim is well known, and without taking into account the peculiarities of the figure, you can add yourself too much fullness. And vice versa!


Denim clothing rightfully enjoys the status of universal and practical. This applies to a skirt, which does not prevent her from looking attractive on different types of figures. In a pair of jeans "pencil" you must have a jeans shirt or jacket, a few T-shirts, high-heeled shoes and sneakers . A coarse knit sweater and a leather jacket will do.

In addition to the above, other materials are possible:

  • velvet;
  • velveteen;
  • suede;
  • atlas;
  • satin;
  • silk.

Only chiffon is not suitable: it crumbles during cutting and requires lining.

What is the length of fashion?

Modern fashion is tolerant of independence, and there are no strict restrictions on the length of the skirt. Since hiding long, slender legs under the hem of a skirt on the floor is as unforgivable as demonstrating one’s shortcomings, the choice ultimately remains a personal matter. Length can vary from mini to maxi .

But still, most fashion houses are displayed on the catwalk of models in medium-sized “pencils” - plain and printed, simple and decorated.

The average length may not interfere with showing beautiful knees, if you add a cut to the style . It may not be suitable for the office, but for a less formal situation it will do.

Advice! Classic stilettos will visually make your legs longer. A similar effect is given by tight-fitting boots with heels.

Stylish decoration

In addition to the previously unprecedented variety of fabrics, the options for the classic model were added thanks to the opportunity to decorate the skirt in all possible ways.


Decorating the most unexpected items of clothing (from jeans to leather jackets), the embroidery reached skirts as well. Decorated with patterns made by hand and on a typewriter, the pencil skirt has lost its modesty. In return, she gained the opportunity to become a real masterpiece of fashion.

Now, paradise birds and bright butterflies can flutter along the hem, exotic flowers bloom and twigs grow. Fashion houses can please such beauty, or you can become your own craftswoman.

Decorative buttons

Woolen, knitted, denim skirts can be decorated with buttons. Execution Options:

  • the skirt is fastened from top to bottom with shiny metal buttons;
  • rows of several large buttons are sewn along the tucks (to match the fabric or contrasting);
  • catchy buttons flaunt on pockets and waistband.


Decorating the hem can be short or add length to the product. You can also trim the fringe with a small peplum, adding splendor to the tight-fitting silhouette. The original will be a strip located in a circular middle of the hem. Finally, it is possible to arrange the fringe rows in a cascade from top to bottom like a Christmas tree.

Floral print

A bright fabric of floral colors - knitted, jacquard or satin - is good in itself, without additional decorations.

Modern fashion allows the most daring combinations of the colors of the top and bottom, but colorful skirts with a plain bodice or tank top or with an appliqué rate made of the material of the skirt look the best.

In the box

An unconditional classic that allows you to be fashionable without violating the canons of previous times. The most successful models are from tweed and jersey .


Black and white or multi-colored, under a zebra or under a marine suit, transverse or longitudinal - a strip will revive the whole ensemble! And at the same time, he will correct the features of addition by lengthening or giving the width of the lower part of the figure .