Pattern of women's knitted shorts

Every woman wants clothes to bring her as much softness and comfort as possible. One of the important elements in women's wardrobe is underwear. Everyone wants to have high-quality and comfortable underwear, but, as a rule, manufacturers require a considerable amount of money for high quality. But do not despair, you can create such panties at home using a sewing machine.

Features of Knitted Women's Underpants

For the manufacture, some elements should be taken into account, such as the type of clothing, the form, and the material from which the linen is created from the finished.

If we talk about the type and shape, then choose the one that best suits your body complexion. Standard slips are best suited (large width of the side sections and small height of the edges). This type is well suited for everyday activities, as well as for leading an active lifestyle.

They are easy enough to take off and put on, and also they do not constrain and do not restrict movement.

Once the type of panties is determined, you need to select the material. It should have a certain number of characteristics in order to provide the best convenience and comfort during movement. It should also include natural materials that protect against the influence of the external environment. One of the best fabrics for making underwear is a knitted fabric.

Women's panties made of knitted fabric are quite comfortable, pleasant to the senses and easy to wear. The main feature of this type of material is a sufficiently high stretching, which allows to obtain a good fit in comparison with other types of fabric.

Reference! It should be noted that visible sections, as a rule, are not prone to shedding and do not need additional processing. Based on this, we can say that women's pants from this type of fabric can actually be performed on a standard sewing machine, without using an overlock.

How to build a pattern of women's panties from knitwear

To complete the pattern - the base of women's underwear, you should take into account some measurements (forty-eighth size):

  • Waist circumference - seventy-two centimeters
  • The circumference of the hips is ninety-eight centimeters.
  • Seat height - twenty-six centimeters.

To make this type of laundry, you need to start the action from the far left upper section. From it it is necessary to note twenty-six centimeters below, which is the height and length of the gusset. The circumference of the hips is one centimeter less. Set straight lines out of these marks.

From the second mark in a straight line to the right, mark a quarter of the circumference of the hips by measurement, subtract one and a half centimeters. From this mark draw a vertical strip up. Underwear waist circumference. From the mark, count to the right a quarter of the length of the waist. After that, these marks must be connected by a straight line. Upper strip of linen. From the first mark down, count seven centimeters, from the second mark along the line measure six centimeters. The first and second points must be connected by a dash.

How to sew women's knitwear underpants

In order to sew underwear the first thing you need to decide on the design. Draw with a special pencil or chalk on a knitted fabric outlines located in expanded form. Approach this step with special care, as this action is important enough for the manufacturing process.

Further, it is recommended to arm with scissors and cut out the base of the underpants along the contours. You will get the front and back of the panties in expanded form. It is recommended to process the edges of the material with a line to give them even outlines. Connect the front and back of your home-made underpants with an internal standard seam. Turn the product so that the wrong side is inside the garment. If everything was done correctly, then you have obtained high-quality lingerie.

As for the design, you can make underwear as a solid color material that emphasizes style, and from a combination of different patterns and colors. A variety of colors will diversify your look and make the robe more vibrant.