Pattern suit slide

Now a mountain suit is used as an indispensable element of equipment for some military personnel. Due to its quality and protective properties, this element of clothing is loved by many hunters and fishermen.

This is no coincidence, because initially the model was developed for warfare, the best conditions for camouflage, wind and water protection in the mountains.

Costume Features

Taking these parameters into account, the slide was made of dense fabrics with lining elements made of membranes and tarpaulins . As well as trousers and a jacket equipped with special tightening elastic bands that allow you to maintain shape even in strong winds.

Since its inception, the costume has undergone several stages of modernization. At the moment, there are up to 5 main models. Unfortunately, the patterns of modern options are not laid out in the public domain, so we will use early models for independent sewing.

How to make a slide costume pattern

Since we will use the first option as the basis, the pattern will be built in its likeness.

The easiest way to prepare a pattern is to cut the old unwanted kit .

If possible, then buy it from someone else. Old models that were in use will not be expensive. In this case, you just have to circle all the details along the contours and transfer the drawing to paper . If necessary, modify parts of the future product, make all the necessary amendments to the sketch in advance. Consider all the features of stitching fabrics.

Important! When modifying, it is important not to affect the main places of the seams and not to add details to the places of bends: elbows, knees, belt.

This can be a nuisance when sewing and make the suit less practical and comfortable.

If you could not find a sample, you will have to build a pattern yourself.


To start, we’ll make a jacket. It consists of a back, two shelves, sleeves and a hood .

You can use the pattern that we offer, and adjust it to fit your size.

Or make a drawing based on finished clothes. Such a construction consists of the following actions.

  • Circle the silhouette of any T-shirt for the back of the jacket . Take a stock of fabric 2-3 cm into the hem and seams.
  • Draw symmetrical shelves . This is the same back, only divided in half, with the addition of a gate.
  • Open the sleeves of an unnecessary jacket and circle them around the perimeter on paper .
  • For the hood, two parts are required, when sewing which forms a semicircle . The circumference should correspond to the length of the collar on the main part of the suit.

Important! When constructing the scheme, a margin of 2-3 cm per seam and 1.5 cm per girth should be made on all elements so that the suit fits comfortably.


To build pants do not need special drawings. Just take as a basis any other pattern of trousers. Measure the width of the stride, the circumference of the thigh and lower leg, the length of the leg and start drawing the drawing on paper .

Check the resulting pattern option.

Important ! The difference between the suit of the slide is the location of the pockets on the sleeves, the front of the jacket, on the sides, in front of the belt and on the hips.

And also in all elements there are special elastic bands that tighten clothes . All these details must be displayed in the pattern.

Tips for sewing a costume slide

In order for you to be able to sew a quality suit that meets all the requirements correctly and in a short time, we will give you some useful tips and share some tricks.

Particular attention should be paid to the following points.

  • Correctly select the fabric depending on the season and climatic conditions of the area in which the costume will be used. For the winter period, a more dense cotton material with the use of insulation is suitable.
  • In summer, it is best to use the same cotton fabric, but filled with a special thread of special plexus. Due to the high degree of twisting, the thread gives the necessary ventilation, and when wet it swells and does not allow moisture to get inside.
  • Sew all seams with strong threads on the sewing machine during slow motion so as not to damage the fabric .
  • Be sure to smooth the seams to prevent tissue divergence.
  • In places where the suit is narrowed, double elastic bands should be used . Since the material has a high density and heavy weight, one layer is not enough to tension the fabrics and the gum will simply disperse.

The perfect slide suit is perfect for dealing with bad weather when hiking. Make it according to all requirements and you will get a great thing, not inferior in quality to the models from the store.