Pattern of men's underpants

Comfortable family briefs are an almost indispensable item in every man’s wardrobe. You can buy ready-made "family members", but it’s much more interesting to sew them yourself. After all, to do this is very simple even without sewing experience.

Underwear should be light, soft, pleasant to the touch, comfortable to wear, but at the same time durable and hygroscopic (absorb moisture well). That is why it is preferable to choose high-quality cotton fabrics for the manufacture of underpants: satin, chintz, calico or fine knitwear.

Taking measurements

Standard family briefs are very simple: they do not have front inserts or other complex elements. That is why even a novice can build a pattern for them. To do this, just take a few measurements.

  • ST - half-waist (40 cm).
  • SB - half-circumference of the hips (measured by the buttocks in the most convex place, 50 cm).
  • CI - the length of the product (34 cm is standard, but you can take a number more or less).

In addition, it is very important to determine the size of the increase (BOP). The smaller the increase, the denser the product will fit on the body . The optimal value is from 3 to 6 cm. The increase is added to the value of the half-circumference of the hips (SB).

IMPORTANT! During the first construction of the pattern, you can increase the size of the parts by one or two centimeters. This is done because, after washing, products made from natural fabrics tend to decrease slightly.

Building patterns

Front half

  • The construction of a pattern of family underpants begins with drawing a rectangle THN1T1. Its horizontal sides are equal to the value of the sum of the half-circumference of the hips (SB) and increase (PB). For example: 50 cm + 3 cm = 53 cm. The vertical side of the rectangle is determined by the length of the product - 34 cm.
  • Each horizontal side must be divided in the middle and mark the points obtained with the letters B and B1, respectively.
  • The points W and W1 are very important for creating the correct drawing. Their location is calculated by the formula: TSH (T1Sh1) = 0.5 (SB + PB) = 25 + 3 = 28 cm.
  • Next, using another formula, you need to calculate the length of the segment SH1Sh2 = SB / 8 + 1 = 6.3 +1.0 = 7.3 cm. Jewelry accuracy when creating a pattern of free family underpants is not required . Therefore, the calculated values ​​can be safely rounded to tenths. In this case, up to 7.5 cm.
  • Then you need to build the point Ш3, the position of which is calculated by the formula: ШШ3 = 0.25 x Sat - 1.0 = 11.5 cm.
  • Next is the turn of the waist line. The segment T1Sh1 is required to be divided into three equal sections. To retreat from T1 1 cm down and to the left, put the point T2. Draw a curved line through B and T2 (you can use the pattern).
  • After that, you need to draw another smooth line T2Sh2.
  • Then the line T1H1 should be extended 2 cm down, mark the point H2, draw a segment Ш2Н2.
  • Then you need to smoothly draw the line B1N2.

On this, the construction of the pattern of the front half of the cowards is completed.

Back half

  • On the left side of the drawing, you need to divide the segment Ш3Ш in half and mark the middle with the point Ш4.
  • Next, step back down 1 cm from Ш3 and mark the point Ш5.
  • After that, you need to calculate the location of the waistline. From T, it is necessary to lay aside 2 cm to the right and mark the point T3.
  • Next, draw straight line Ш4Т3 so that T3 is 5 cm below the point Т4. The resulting section (Ш4Т4) must be divided into three equal parts.
  • Next, a smooth line you need to connect the pairs of points W5 and D4, T4 and B, respectively.
  • After that, 5 cm from the point H to the left should be put aside and the point H4 should be set according to this formula: HH4 = 0.1 x SB = 0.1 x 50 = 5 cm.
  • The Н2Ш2 section needs to be measured, the obtained value should be postponed from point Ш5 through Н4 and mark point Н6. Next, H6 and B1 should be neatly connected by a curved line.

That's all, the drawing is finished!

The prepared pattern of family shorts is very simple and convenient. There are no side seams in it, which simplifies the further assembly process.

Important! If you need a large product (from 56), then the side seam is necessary for a better fit.

Sew underpants

Place the pattern on the material should be on the wrong side, taking into account the direction of the shared thread and the necessary allowances for the seams.

HELP . The standard allowance for hemming is 2 cm, for assembly on the top - 4 cm, for all other seams - 1 cm.

  • To start stitching the product should be the connection of two halves. It is best for cowards to use a linen seam. But if there is no such skill, then you can get by with the usual combination of overlock stitching with the usual machine one.
  • In the upper part of future underpants, you need to do a double hem for the belt. When flashing the top, it is important to leave a small hole for threading the gum, which should then be threaded into the seam with a pin, and then sew up the opening.
  • Instead of the upper hem, you can sew on a wide decorative elastic band . It is a little more difficult to perform, but it looks spectacular and modern.
  • To hem the bottom of the product, the edge must be folded, be sure to iron and only after that scribble.

That's all! The simplest men's family briefs are ready.

The made pattern can be used as a base, making individual adjustments to the figure after fitting, improving the fit.

Sewing men's underpants is easy! At first glance, the process seems difficult and confusing. But once you get down to business, how much becomes obvious and understandable.