Pattern of a children's backpack

Modern life is such that even small children need a roomy accessory for their own things. For these purposes, a small backpack is best suited.

But to spend money on his purchase is not necessary. It is enough to have basic sewing skills, choose the right model and be patient. And they will be able to sew a beautiful accessory with their own hands. You will need a couple of free evenings and a bit of creative imagination to please the crumbs with an update.

We will tell you how to sew a children's backpack with your own hands.

Materials and tools for work

To create a stylish little thing you need to prepare the following materials and tools.

  • Main fabric : gabardine, denim, suede or any version of sufficient density.
  • Lining fabric : capron or calico.
  • Locking elements : zippers, buttons and so on.
  • Doublerin, non-woven or thin synthetic winterizer, depending on the model.
  • Paper for patterns .
  • Sewing machine .
  • Pins, threads and scissors.
  • Decorative elements .

Reference! The product will look much more interesting if, when sewing, you take two contrasting fabrics as the main material.

Details of the backpack and its pattern

Children's backpacks delight their owners with a variety of options. The number of details of the subject, as well as the pattern used in the manufacture, will entirely depend on the model chosen. We offer for familiarization patterns that will help you choose the right model.

The simplest variation will consist of a base and a solid side part . A lace is passed through its top and bottom to tie and form the straps.

This model is best suited for carrying spare shoes or clothing.

Simple product pattern

A more complex version consists of the same parts, but with the addition of a valve.

This type is more popular because it is more spacious. You can put your favorite toys or books in it.

Pattern model with valve

The most difficult thing for independent sewing will be a thing that has many compartments and pockets . In its manufacture, it is necessary not only to correctly cut out all the details, but also to assemble the entire structure in the correct sequence.

Attention! When cutting fabric, do not forget to add one and a half centimeters to the seam allowances.

Step-by-step sewing instructions

After cutting parts, proceed to the manufacture of the product. To do this, follow the procedure below.

Assembly steps are for the most complex model. If you chose a simpler one, follow the steps that list the assembly of parts for your option.

  • Trim the outer parts (flaps, pockets). If necessary, install locking elements (zippers, buttons) on them .
  • Stitch external elements to the planned placement (on the front side of the corresponding part).
  • Glue the external parts with doubler or non-woven .
  • Make side seams at the top.
  • Stitch the top with the bottom of the backpack.
  • Sew on the valve.
  • Make a lining part.
  • If necessary, strengthen the bottom and insert the frame parts into the side walls.

TIP. As hard elements, you can use cardboard, thin plastic or synthetic winterizer.

  • Place the cushioning part inward and, aligning its edge with the edge of the outer workpiece, sew along the edge with a decorative seam.
  • Sew the straps and install the locking elements.

    If necessary, decorate the item with decorative trim.

Product decoration

An important step in tailoring a children's backpack will be its decoration. For decoration, you can use a lot of techniques and materials.

  • Embroidery with colored threads or ribbons. You can also use beads and sequins to create decorative patterns.
  • Applications . They can be sewn or glued to the subject. There are also special decals that adhere if you iron the surface with a hot iron.
  • Artificial flowers . They can be assembled from pieces of leather or shreds of fabric, as well as crocheted;
  • Lace and textiles. Parts of this material are superimposed on the top and secured with thread or glue.

I hope our tips will help you to please your child with a lovely new thing. Indeed, for its creation it is enough to get an unnecessary thing from the old wardrobe and spend a little free time. And also show a little savvy. I wish you creative success!