Pattern and tailoring of a baseball cap

A convenient and stylish headdress, something that everyone wants to have in their wardrobe. It is often difficult to choose something specific. We advise you to remember the good old baseball cap, which will look perfect on everyone. In general, baseball caps are so called because it is this headgear that baseball players wear. Hence the name. However, now caps similar to classic baseball caps are firmly rooted in fashion and are especially popular among young people.

Baseball Caps

In our article, we will teach you how to make caps with your own hands and describe in stages the entire manufacturing process. First you need to understand the technical part of the future product. What a baseball cap consists of.

  1. The back of the cap in the classic version is made of mesh. But now dense fabric is usually used.
  2. The front petals are necessarily made of dense material.
  3. Visor. Perhaps the main distinguishing element. Protects from sunshine and gives a beautiful shape.
  4. Clasp. It allows you to adjust the circumference of the cap, which, of course, is a comfortable fit.

REFERENCE. Previously, the logo or label of a team of players was a mandatory element. Now, companies that produce baseball caps use their "signatures." You too can sew something. Make your own handmade brand.

Step-by-step construction of a baseball cap pattern

So that you can make this wonderful headdress with your own hands, we have prepared instructions for preparing the pattern:

  • For measurement, you need only 2 parameters: head circumference and the height of the cap itself.
  • Build drawings on paper. You will need to draw a “petal” and a visor. A petal is an integral part of a tulle that divides the cap into 6 sectors. For convenience, you can take the elements of an old baseball cap and circle them.
  • Transfer the resulting drawings to the fabric.

The pattern is ready, it's time to proceed to the next stage.

How to sew a do-it-yourself baseball cap

In order to get a beautiful and fashionable cap, you need a little effort, time, good material and basic skills. There will be no difficulty in embroidering a baseball cap. Everything is very simple, follow the steps of the pattern, preparation and grinding of parts and enjoy the result. The main thing is to enjoy the process and to improve your talent every time. We will show you how to hide the flaws that appear in the manufacture of caps, and teach you how to avoid them.

Component manufacturing

After the appropriate pattern was made, the material was selected and all the necessary tools prepared, you can start making the components of the future cap itself.

IMPORTANT! When transferring the drawing from paper to fabric, it is necessary to take a reserve of 1 cm. In order to leave space for seams and the part does not decrease due to grinding.

Fabric cutting order:

  • Cut 4 identical “petals”.
  • Cut 2 symmetrical “petals” with a cutout in the lower corner. This will serve as a hole in the back of the head.
  • Make 2 visor parts.
  • Prepare a tape from the same fabric 10 × 4 cm for future fasteners.
  • Make a 3 × 3 cm square of fabric for the button at the top of the crown.

Baseball Cap Elements

Everything is ready, it remains to combine the elements and the thing in the hat.

  • Sew 2 pieces of 3 “petals” each. It is important that in both of them there is one "petal" with a cutout for the hole.
  • Connect these parts together with one seam.
  • Connect the 2 parts of the visor “sandwich” together, make a seam only along the outer edge of the visor. Insert a solid base between the fabric and, if necessary, soak it with a hardener.
  • Sew the visor to the tulle, having previously sewn the inside.
  • Add a velcro closure to the back, sewing it to the base.
  • On the top of the head, place a square of fabric from the inside and glue a button or rivet with a cap to it.

IMPORTANT! After each grinding it is necessary to iron the parts and the seams on it. If you want to hide the connection places of the parts, then you can sew on top of them an oblique tape.

The baseball cap is ready, congratulations. You can add your tag or jewelry and be proud of the work!