Like a parrot. Stars that have no idea about color combinations

Have you ever thought that choosing the right clothing style is only half the battle? In addition to this, things should be combined with each other and in color. It's great that you thought about it, because many world-famous celebrities have not heard of such a rule. Will we get to know them a little closer so as not to repeat their mistakes?

Celebrities who do not know how to combine shades in dresses

The stars of Russian and foreign show business no, no, but they fall into the camera lenses not in the most successful images. Moreover, problems arise in a combination of both shades and multi-colored prints.

Lady Gaga

This is now the goddess of shocking Lady Gaga slowed down, and a few years ago, her every appearance at the event was even more provocative than the previous one. Some say that the singer has no taste and sense of style, others admire her eccentricity. We believe that Gage should work on a combination of colors.

Here is one of the celebrity outlets. It turned out Total pink, but some wrong. Gaga at the same time tried on all the shades of pink, a variety of prints and textures of the fabric. Black shoes and a bag got out of the picture and look rude . But all it cost was to adhere to one shade, for example, pale pink, and leave one print in combination with plain things. And replace these strange purple “aviators” with glasses of a traditional color.

Lena Danem

It is difficult to call an American actress a standard of beauty, but she urges girls to love themselves for who they are. A great position, but it concerns the body and its perception, and not a sense of style. With the latter, Lena has problems.

Paparazzi caught a girl for a walk in New York. The color of the sandals goes well with the red elements on the dress, but the shade of the bag is worthless . In one image two so bright and diverse prints should not be combined. It was enough to take a monophonic cross-body of neutral light color.

And again a slip with glasses. They are not just red, but also in the box. The third print in one bow? Doubtful decision.

Drew Barrymore

Even recognized Hollywood style icons have slips. What is this outlet for Drew Barrymore in bright blue tights. The color accent is set poorly, because it can not be combined with black accessories and a mouse-gray shade of the main suit . Blue tights distract the attention that Drew herself could get. The image would look stylish, remaining completely in monochrom.

Lindsey Lohan

If we were Lindsay, we would have fired stylists who do a poor job. Many of her images do not differ in special taste and beauty. This time the combination of colors is especially vyrviglaznoe. Acid green and raspberry shades a priori cannot be friends, because they are too self-sufficient. Especially if it is a combination of shiny sequins and a fur coat.

Helena Bonham Carter

The style of the famous actress is completely individual and eccentric. Helena prefers to wear shades of black, but sometimes pleases with brighter bows. In one of these, she mixed everything that she found in the closet - a terracotta top with ruffles, a red skirt with an incomprehensible print and a white cardigan in blue stripes. In this kit, not a single thing is combined with each other, so the image looks old-fashioned.

Nicki Minaj

Almost any Nikki Minaj costume can be included in the ranking of the brightest and most reckless. There can be no talk of a harmonious combination of shades: the more acidic, the better. Take at least the “police” image on the presentation of their own spirits. Top with a surreal rainbow print, color block trousers and a raspberry jacket - all this as if removed from different Barbie dolls and put on a pop diva.

Philip Kirkorov

Philip Kirkorov, the king of Russian pop music, does not hesitate to buy all the most expensive brands, decorate stage and everyday costumes with rhinestones and stripes. Once, the “color of the mood blue” failed, and over the wonderful blue plaid suit, Philip put on red boxing shorts and a yellow satin robe. It would be better to leave one suit, you say. And we will answer: Philip on style!

Natasha Koroleva

Over the past years, the appearance of the singer has changed for the better. Natasha did not like to love bright colors in clothes less, but now they are presented not in such extremely extravagant combinations. Take a look at this Koroleva costume, which she chose for a retro party. Accessories raise questions: pink shoes, a dark blue bracelet and a red watch. There are too many color accents: to give the image a "vintage" enough wide red belt.

Advice! The combination of blue and red is acceptable for a stage outfit. In real life, such a dress should have chosen neutral accessories.

Sergey Zverev

Closes our list of shocking showman Sergei Zverev. Each new suit of the famous hairdresser is a new masterpiece of a billion sequins, rhinestones, bright fabrics and accessories. Such a bold image of Zverev blinds his eyes even from a photograph. Well what can I say ... The star is in shock!