Paper Tricorne

Paper is a universal material. It allows you to make various crafts, including hats. Hats made of paper are easy to make with your own hands, and if you attract children to the process, it will also become a wonderful joint leisure.

Today we’ll talk about a cocked hat.

How to make a paper cocked hat

A three-cornered hat is a headdress with wide fields that are curved to the upper center in such a way that three angles are formed . Because of this specificity, the hat itself got its name.

What will be needed for work


The main material is a sheet of paper or newspaper . Each of its sides should be equal to the girth of the head.

You can use whatman medium density .

Important! The paper should be a single sheet, not composed of glued parts. Seams from glue will be noticeable, and this will ruin the appearance of the product.

Paint or gouache

A cocked hat is a headdress of sailors or artillerymen of the eighteenth century. They make it for a thematic event (masquerade ball, children's party). Therefore, we need to withstand our crafts in the tradition. To do this, you will need to paint the paper or newspaper on two sides in black, allow it to dry, and only then get to work.

Operating procedure

  • We spread our material on the table. It turns out a square.
  • Fold it in half diagonally. That is, we bring the lower left corner to the upper right and swallow the bend. We got a triangle.
  • Now on our triangle we take the left corner and bend it so that the area of ​​the part is 2/3 of the length of the left side of the triangle.

  • On the bent right corner you need to impose the left . Without exception, the fold lines of our product must be carefully smoothed.
  • The corners (except for the lower one) should be bent to the upper center . This must be done carefully, while the bending lines must be ironed strongly.
  • We return to the lower corner, we bend it back, iron the entire product.
  • Take a cocked hat, straighten it, giving shape. You can use a three-liter jar and put our hat on it .

How to make a pirate paper cocked hat

The algorithm for making a pirate cocked hat will be slightly different from the classic version.

Materials and Tools

In addition to black paper, we will need additional materials.

  • Scissors.
  • Elastic band for a hat to fix it.
  • Glue.
  • Two sheets of plain A4 stationery white paper.

Operating procedure

We prepare a flat surface and proceed.

  • We take a sheet of black paper and bend the upper right corner by 45 degrees . We got a triangle and a certain amount of paper.
  • We cut off excess paper with scissors and unfold the triangle. Therefore, we have a square.
  • Our task is to get a circle. To do this, we put our part and wrap the corners in such a way that we get the circle we need.
  • We turn to the manufacture of fringe. To do this, fold a sheet of white paper along its entire length in half. We cut the free ends with scissors into small strips, without cutting to the fold line. We open the sheet and cut along the bend line into two halves. Stripes “curl” with a pencil or scissors and glue the fringe along the entire radius of the circle. "Curled" side up.
  • At the edges of the circle visually put three marks and connect them at the top. Done!


Decorating a pirate "cocked hat" will take a little longer than its manufacture.

Need to do:

  • feathers;
  • pirate emblem.


Feathers can be taken from birds, but we will make them from white paper. Fold the sheet in full length in half, with scissors cut the ends diagonally into strips. Expand and get a paper pen. We glue it to the side of the cocked hat.


The pirate emblem is a skull and two bones connected in the center to a cross.

It can be cut already finished, or you can draw a stencil yourself on white paper . And then cut it and glue it in the center.

We cut out two small paper squares, apply glue to them and glue them to both ends of the gum. Let’s dry, and then gum on both sides of the cocked hat an elastic band that will fix our hat.

Done! Quickly, easily, with your own hands and very beautifully, however, there is a way to make a cocked hat even faster.

How to quickly make a cocked hat layout

  • The first option . On cardboard paper, we cut out the template of the finished cocked hat and decorate it. Glue a stick on the back side from the edge, for which we will hold a model of our headdress over our heads.
  • The second option. The same layout as in the first case, we attach to the elastic and put on the head. A great solution for a child's morning performance or performance. Yes, and significant time savings.

Now that you know how to make this hat model, you will not have any difficulties, and your decisions will surely come.