Painting bags with acrylic paints

For a unique look and just a good mood, every woman needs a bag painted with acrylics.

After reading the article, you can try to decorate your handbag in any style on your own.

With the help of painting, you can realize a variety of ideas using various paint application techniques.

Necessary materials for painting bags with acrylic paints

To paint the bags you need to prepare for work:

  • bag (leather or fabric);
  • a simple pencil, rulers, patterns;
  • cotton pad;
  • acrylic paints on the fabric;
  • degreaser;
  • brushes.

Important! Before work, it would be nice to check how the fabric behaves when applying acrylic paints on it. It’s easier to work with the skin. The smooth leather surface of the bag is almost perfect for painting.

Canvas is somewhat capricious in the sense that acrylic is absorbed by natural fibers. The paint is well absorbed, and the drawing is faded.

A bag made of synthetic material has the opposite effect. Acrylic paint has the ability to collect in droplets and do not lie well on the surface of such a bag.

Acrylic Painting Styles

There are several types of acrylic painting:

1. Hot batik with melted paraffin or wax . When staining with this technique, an unpainted outline remains around the color pattern.

2. Cold batik using contours of redundant compounds . The borders of the drawing of such a painting do not spread due to the creation of the border with a special contour. The pattern on the fabric is very bright and clear.

Boho style, stages of work

On women's handbags, and especially made of genuine leather, the boho style painting looks great . The painting will turn the usual female attribute into a colorful element of a stylish image. The artsy drawing, drawing a large number of small details can make a bag a work of art.

Step 1. Select a pattern and apply it to the skin (tissue). The drawing is applied with a simple, well-honed pencil. It is also convenient to use patterns or stencils. The leather surface must be wiped with a degreaser using a cotton pad.

Step 2. We select your favorite colors for painting and proceed directly to creativity. Each color is better than the color of the contours of the fabric. It is not necessary to use black for the outline. You can choose to apply in stages: first we paint over all the elements in red, then all the green ones, etc.

Step 3. You also need to choose any shade you like. Drawing on a leather bag using the technique of spotting looks very beautiful. To do this, apply the paint in the form of dots from a tube, holding it in a perpendicular position.

Finished product in the style of boho (acrylic painting)

Step 4. Acrylic paints for fabrics are composed of thermosetting resin. And when applying warm air from a hair dryer, it can be used to give strength to the application.

In such simple ways, you can transform a women's handbag from different materials into a masterpiece. Do not be afraid to work miracles ...