Overalls who sit in 50 are better than in 25

After fifty years, many women wonder: is it possible to wear the same things that they wore in their youth? The answer is unequivocal: you can wear all the same wardrobe items, however, the style and style as a whole should be age-appropriate . Overalls are often called an element of an exclusively youth style, but today we’ll figure out which overalls on a woman a little older than fifty sits better than on a young lady.

What models of overalls to wear "after fifty"

When choosing a jumpsuit, a mature woman needs to pay attention to two main criteria:

  • product length;
  • how much it fits the figure (cut).

After fifty, it is worth giving preference to trouser overalls . A model with shorts will look strange, as it is more suitable for girls. In addition, many women want to cover their legs with age due to the appearance of any minor imperfections, so fashionable trousers are a great option. A long jumpsuit will emphasize the status of the lady and her sense of style.

The second important point: when buying overalls, give up those that hug the body so much that it is difficult to walk . Leave these models young, and for yourself choose a free and comfortable thing with an emphasis on the waist. This does not mean that you can only wear hoodies (although they often look no less stylish). A mature lady needs to comply with the measure in everything, so stop at a sufficiently loose overalls that will hide the flaws, but emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Colors that suit mature women

One of the main rules of the style of fashionable women after fifty is conciseness and elegance . By itself, overalls as a piece of clothing are quite unusual. You will not meet him on the street on every passerby, which cannot be said, for example, about jeans. That is why the best would be to dwell on a monophonic model of an unusual cut, which in any case will attract attention, but will not make the image defiant.

We recommend choosing a color scheme depending on your color type and the purpose of the suit . If you are going to wear it for work, then stop at blue, green, khaki, chocolate, sand. These muted colors are perfect for every day. On a hot summer day, brighter shades are not forbidden.

Advice! Instead of a bright jumpsuit, you can pick up a model with colored stripes - a hit of recent seasons. A bright belt or patch pockets are also suitable.

Among plain fabrics, we recommend avoiding tight blue jeans . It will create the impression of a working overalls, which will put you not in the best light. In this case, stop at lightweight cotton material "under the jeans."

Lady acceptable prints

Fabrics with a pattern are acceptable for women's overalls. One condition is to wear a model with a print is better on a warm summer day . We offer the following successful patterns:

  • vegetable (for example, flowers or fashionable leaves in recent years);
  • Ethnic
  • fantasy and abstract.

Important! Pay attention to the size of the picture. We advise thin ladies large or small patterns, and for owners of magnificent forms - medium size, so that against their background the figure does not look larger.

What to add to the image so that it “looks”?

Accessories for fashionable overalls must be chosen depending on where the woman is going to go in it . We will analyze three main options:

  1. For everyday wear. In this case, comfortable shoes such as sneakers, slip-on shoes, sandals, sandals on a flat sole or wedge are perfect. For a summer walk, take a small handbag over your shoulder, and in a cool evening, put a light jacket, cardigan or denim jacket on your shoulders. A stylish addition to a plain jumpsuit will be a silk scarf tied to the neck;
  2. For work. If you wear high-heeled shoes, choose elegant boats, if not, neat ballet shoes with a sharp toe or stylish loafers. The bag should ideally be rigid in shape - this will emphasize the office style. Choose jewelry in a neutral color scheme, for example, monophonic puset or a silver chain;
  3. For an evening out. On a holiday, overalls are also appropriate, however, it is sewn from a denser fabric (like a cocktail dress) or beautiful silk. Large earrings and a clutch perfectly complement the look. On your feet, shoe all the same boats or festive shoes without a heel, for example, patent leather shoes. In this form, a woman will become a star and outshine with her beauty even many young girls. We guarantee.

Ladies are better than girls - examples

In the end, I would like to give a couple of images that look better on women after fifty than on young girls:

  • office-style overalls in combination with a large bag and a belt at the waist perfectly emphasize the beauty of a woman at this age and even slightly younger - girls usually add a similar outfit for several years;
  • combination of overalls in a shade of khaki and undershirts underneath: layering has not gone out of fashion for many years, and it looks very profitable on mature women.

Being trendy at fifty is easy! Love yourself at any age, and you will be the most stylish!