Outfits of stars that have become the subject of parodies

World celebrities, who are constantly in sight of everyone, always try to look dignified. As a rule, stars use the services of professional stylists and designers, dress very fashionably, in accordance with modern taste. However, some stars refuse elegant and strictly appearance, in favor of something exciting and unusual.

Outfits of stars that have become memes

Non-standard images are instantly read by viewers, and can gain popularity in the shortest possible time. Most often this happens through social networks, where photos of stars fly around the Internet, bringing even more popularity to a person. However, sometimes celebrities pick up too extraordinary outfits, due to which they become only the object of jokes and ridicule.

Kim Kardashian

In 2015, socialite Kim Kardashian, along with her boyfriend, arrived at the Grammy award music ceremony. The event was held on the red carpet, where all the stars shone with their vivid images. However, the appearance of the singer surprised everyone, because she arrived in a kind of dress, the design of which is more like a home interior.

The image of the singer instantly scattered across the Internet, where users in every possible way tried to make fun of the star. The most popular joke is a sofa that was attached to the dress, which was exactly the same design as the outfit. By the way, Kardashian appeared in public in the same way in 2013, in New York. Then Kim was pregnant, and her term was seven months.


Singer Rihanna also appeared at the Grammy-2015 ceremony, and, together with Kim, vied for the greatest attention from the audience. The star appeared in a ridiculous pink image, which users began to compare with a washcloth for a shower. And her appearance and accessories were compared with an attempt to be like Nicki Minaj.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress appeared at the Golden Globe festival, and put on a rather elegant and modest white dress for him, from an elite brand - Dior. Everything would be fine, but the kind of black straps that were fastened around Jennifer's waist spoiled the situation.

Internet users could not calmly respond to this, and began to make fun of the actress, calling her outfit a blanket. People began to parody Jennifer's dress, attracting not only themselves, but also animals.

Angelina Jolie

Fans of the stars are used to seeing her always in bright and exciting images. So this time the singer did not let her fans down, appearing at the Oscars in a black dress from the Italian brand Versaci.

The situation was ruined by the leg of the actress, who all the time clumsily bulged out from under the dress. After the event, later a new account appeared on the Twitter social network that belonged to Jolie's right leg.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the main character of Internet memes. The girl just picks up the most non-standard images. So one of them simply shocked the audience, because the star came in a dress made of real meat. To whom it belonged, the singer did not explain, but obviously not everyone liked the outfit.

Joy villa

Joy at one of the parties appeared in a scandalous red dress, which consisted only of an orange mesh. The outfit instantly became the object of ridicule, especially from Russian users, because they compared the image of a girl with an ordinary potato bag.

Selena Gomez

But the rising star - Selena Gomez, has no problems with the appearance. Except for the only time that a girl appeared in public in an excessively dark tan. Some users believe that it was a girl’s makeup, while others think that it was still a tan. In any case, the new experience was completely unsuccessful, and was only the reason for creating memes.

Farrell Williams

In 2015, the actor appeared in public in a giant hat, which was similar to the tourist option. Jokes about the situation immediately appeared on the network, fans compared Farrell's appearance in similarity with various characters: Homer Simpson, George from the jungle and others.

Lupita Niongo

The rising star of the series - Lupite Niongo, has repeatedly gotten from his fans. So this time a flurry of criticism and jokes fell upon the girl for her scandalous appearance in public. Lupita appeared in an exotic dress in a mesh that was green. Moreover, there were leaves on the sides of the product, which is why the whole image was African in focus.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Despite her mature age, the actress also got serious criticism. The reason for this was her outfit, which Sarah demonstrated to the public in 2015.

The image of Sarah looked completely awkward, especially since he absolutely did not combine with the female image.