Outfits of celebrities that everyone can afford

Favorite star brands are ASOS, Topshop and H&M. For everyday outlets, celebrities choose this particular clothing. But periodically put on dresses from mass brands, including at special occasions. A well-chosen image - and an outfit for $ 50 looks almost as bright as a dress for 10, 000.

Which celebrity buys cheap outfits

If anyone is able to look 100% in cheap clothes, then this is the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton was a fan of budget brands even before she married Prince William. But even after the wedding, she didn’t globally change her preferences.

The press wrote for a long time about the Middleton blue dress from the Zara brand, in which the duchess appeared arm in arm with her husband on the second day after the wedding. The outfit cost Kate 2000 rubles, but looked pretty elegant on it. Naturally, these dresses from boutiques were immediately ground up.

But Middleton’s inexpensive purchases did not end there. Now in her wardrobe, expensive outfits are perfectly combined with clothes from mass manufacturers, and the duchess shows a great example of how they can be combined.

Another inspirer of budget clothing is the wife of former US President Michelle Obama. She says she is trying to support the girls during the crisis and shows that you don’t need to have a lot of money to look fashionable and beautiful. The cheapest Michelle dress is a little thing with an original GAP pattern, she bought it for a walk with her husband. The price of the dress is about 1600 rubles.

Following Michelle, some Hollywood stars - Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez - bought inexpensive midi dresses. By the way, Jessica, who has a strong reputation as a fashion icon, also loves to combine brand and budget clothes. Jessica can often be seen in Topshop and H&M clothing.

Jennifer Lopez has a large number of outfits by ASOS. The star chose the clothes of this brand for the filming of the television show "American Idol", and this very surprised the press. And Selena Gomez completely broke the record by wearing Forever 21 pants, the price of which at that time was only 700 rubles.

Top stars in cheap outfits

Last year, Amber Valletta and Ciara came to the MET Gala ceremony in custom tailored outfits from H&M. Naturally, such dresses are not sold in the nearest stores, but the very fact that world celebrities turned to mass-produced clothing proves their trust in this brand.

At the same time, the outfits of Olivia Wilde and Vanessa Hudgens from the eco-friendly clothing line H&M Conscious were most likely purchased in a regular boutique.

Despite her magnificent wedding attire, model Miranda Kerr acquires H&M clothing for regular outings.

Almost all the stars in the wardrobe have Topshop clothes, regardless of the size of the wallet. And some, like Kate Upton, for example, even wear dresses from an English mass producer at ceremonies - the evening reception before the Oscar.

Forever 21 is the favorite clothing manufacturer of American celebrities, although they usually wear these outfits to go to the store, rather than presenting their film. But at the screening of the film "Resident Evil", which took place in Korea, Milla Jovovich impressed journalists with the image of a secretary in a sweater for $ 25 and a pencil skirt.

The Russian producer Love Republic gained its popularity after its outfit was demonstrated by Irina Shayk, who walked in the dress of this brand arm in arm with Cristiano Ronald at the presentation of one of the sports awards.

It would seem that

maybe the star between Jennifer Lopez and the British mass clothing manufacturer ASOS? However, the celebrity demonstrated a neon mini-dress of this nonsense on the show American Idol.

The same applies to Beyonce. Naturally, she didn’t put a cheap dress on the red carpet, but for the singer, even a T-shirt from the mass market, taking into account the fact that she does not have cheaper Gucci in her wardrobe, this is already significant progress.