Openwork sweater with knitting needles

Knitting is the best way to renew your wardrobe and show your talent and imagination. And knitting needles are the easiest tool to work with which you can afford to learn independently. The Internet is full of a variety of workshops, videos and detailed descriptions of all kinds of models made by matches or crochet. You do not have to puzzle over the creation of a pattern or discover the material, it is enough to choose a model to your taste.

Openwork options for jumpers are not only simple in execution, but also in beauty, grace. Created from various materials, they will protect you from the cool of a summer evening or warm you in the cold season. And it will also be appropriate to look at the festive evening, and in casual attire.

Women's openwork white cardigan: knitting features

White color, without a doubt, looks very elegant and solemn. It is universal and combines wonderfully with other colors. This coloring never goes out of style. With the help of an openwork knitted sweater, you can add a drop of romanticism and grace to any outfit. The model can vary in length, have a long or short sleeve, will be made with and without a collar. There are an incredible number of ways and which one is up to you to decide.

Performing spoke work is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is obtained through the use in the process of work of various variants of yarn. We offer to consider this process as an example :

In order to link this thing you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Measure: chest volume, hips, waist, neck circumference, sleeve length, back;
  2. Using the taken measurements, build a pattern:
  3. Tie a pattern, wash and iron;
  4. Measure how many 1 cm of the pattern contains loops and rows;
  5. Based on the data and pattern, make the necessary calculations for the job;
  6. To tie the details of the back, front and sleeves;
  7. Perform shoulder seams;
  8. Tie neckline;
  9. Stitch sleeves;
  10. Run side seams.

If you use ready-made calculations, diagrams and a description to achieve the best result, do not forget about several important nuances :

  • When choosing yarn, get options of medium thickness or thin appearance (300-500 gr \ 100 m);
  • Do not forget to do the work to adjust the calculations depending on your measurements;
  • If you are doing the calculation yourself, do not forget to throw from the sides a centimeter on a loose fit;
  • Often apply the part to the pattern during the knitting process, this will help to make the necessary changes in time;
  • Do not neglect the wet-heat treatment of the product. It consists in pre-steaming parts before assembly.

Attention! If you use metal knitting needles as a tool, sand them with a soft cloth before use. Oxidizing, over time they become coated with plaque, which can stain yarn, and also make it difficult for the yarn to slide freely. With regard to the newly acquired knitting needles, they have a coating that must be removed before use.

Also, for convenience, it is advisable to place the ball in some container (basket, plastic bucket, in extreme cases, a bag), this action will protect the threads from pollution. And also this technique will save you from the need to look for additional space for temporary storage of your needlework.

How to connect a sweater with openwork rhombs and short sleeves

Rhombus is one of the most common patterns in knitting. Alone and in combination with other knitting elements (openwork paths, leaves, bear paws, spiders, rice), it helps to create unforgettable, lovely little things that even a novice craftswoman can do. And also, having connected the model with a rhombus pattern and 3/4 sleeves, you will get universal clothing that will perfectly complement not only trousers, jeans or a skirt, but also in flirty shorts. And also in the elongated version, it harmoniously complements the fitting panties or leggings.

Let's take a closer look at how to knit such a thing, using a detailed example:

Required materials: 400 grams of yarn with parameters 200m \ 100gr, 5.5 knitting needles and a knitting needle for assembly.

Work Stages:

  1. Build a pattern according to your size;
  2. Tie a pattern and use it to calculate future knitting;
  3. To make details of the front back and sleeves;
  4. Perform shoulder seams and tie the neck;
  5. Stitch sleeves;
  6. Run side seams.

Description of the execution of parts:

  1. Back. Draw the required number of loops on the knitting needles and knit two centimeters with a garter stitch (all rows are made with facial loops). Then knit with the pattern shown on the diagram to the required length. Close all loops. Outline the boundaries of the neck;
  2. Before. We gain the estimated number of loops. We knit a two-centimeter garter stitch. Next, we knit a pattern according to the pattern to the beginning of the neck. We carry out the line of the neck. At the required height, we close all the loops. After the start of the neck, knitting is divided into two parts, each ending separately.
  3. Sleeves. We collect the required number of loops. We carry out four centimeters of garter stitch. Next, knit with a pattern a part of the required length, while performing increments to expand the fabric. New loops harmoniously include in the pattern. Using a knitted needle, perform shoulder seams. Tie the neckline with four centimeters of the front surface (in the front rows, the loops are tied with the front ones, in the wrong ones - the wrong ones). Stitch sleeves and sew side seams. Wash the finished product and lay it out to dry on a horizontal surface.

Similar models are performed in the same way. You can use different types of rhombuses. As well as tying up the sleeves, do not apply the picture, but confine it to the front surface.

Openwork women's jumpers from different materials

You can take any yarn for knitting a sweater. Your choice will depend mainly on the season and destination of the thing. So, for the cold season it is more advisable to choose warm options: mohair, alpaca, wool, angora and so on. For warm weather, it is better to give preference to light species: linen, cotton, viscose, silk. And the variety of acrylic yarn will allow you to create a thing that will be in place in any season.

Also, when choosing, you need to consider where you will wear these clothes. For example, silk and mohair will allow you to create unique outfits for a festive atmosphere. Democratic cotton or wool is better for everyday wear. They are not so difficult to maintain and better withstand numerous washing and cleaning.


This yarn has a number of significant advantages that made it very popular for knitting a summer wardrobe. These are characteristics such as:

  • Breathable material. It passes air remarkably, allowing the skin to breathe;
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort This material has pleasant tactile properties;
  • Abrasion resistance. Therefore, cotton clothes are not afraid of numerous washes, which is important in hot weather;

The disadvantage of this yarn is quite heavy weight and the possibility of shrinkage of cotton clothes.


The main quality of this material is that it does not cause skin irritation and is great for children's things. Products and mohair are especially airy. For a warm openwork, this material is the best suited. There are several subtleties when working with this yarn:

  • The mohair thread should be well stretched or the knit will be uneven;
  • It is not recommended to dissolve a thing from mohair, because it has the property of falling down. And when dissolved, it is easy to render the material unusable;
  • When choosing, pay attention to the density of twisting of the thread. The higher it is, the better it will be to keep the original form of the thing.


This material is characterized by wear resistance and light weight with a fairly large footage. Clothing knitted from this yarn looks elegant and status. Also, in the summer days, silk yarn is able to cool a hot body. Perfectly combined with mohair, wool, alpaca and cotton.


The difference between these threads is that they practically do not form spools and they do not fall down. Another positive quality is thermoregulation. The only negative can be considered the impossibility of its preservation using naphthalene. But today there are many other protection options for storing things.


The main positive aspects of this yarn are hypoallergenic, strength and hygroscopicity. It does not accumulate static electricity. Things from this material do not sit and do not stretch, and also keep their shape remarkably. This is the only yarn that can be boiled.


A modern synthetic substance, which in its characteristics quite successfully competes with silk. The main advantage is the low cost and bright color, which allows you to create truly charming things.


Synthetic yarn, which at first glance can be mistaken for wool, but has a large margin of safety and serves as a source for both winter and summer clothes. It is soft and pleasant to the skin, and will also allow the clothes created from it to last a rather long time.

Creating various models of openwork jumpers using knitting needles

With the help of knitting needles from yarn, you can create incredibly attractive models of jumpers. You can experiment indefinitely, each time introducing new features and details into an already familiar product.

One of the methods that give an impressive result will be knitting across.

It is obtained when the direction of work is not located from bottom to top or top to bottom, but from one side to the other.

Things made in an asymmetric manner look no less impressive. This option is divided into two types. The first is when the pattern is knitted diagonally.

The second involves the use of asymmetry in the silhouette. For example, when one side is lower than the other. Or the hem hangs below the back.

Such patterns look great with jeans or trousers. They are also an integral part of the youth wardrobe.

Also very effective models are obtained using an unusual cut. An example is the execution on the back of a deep cut.

Different lengths of sleeves, a variety of solutions for the design of the neck, a combination of openwork patterns help create unique clothes and express your spiritual aspirations. The application of various knitting techniques will also be very helpful in translating the extraordinary solution: raglan, in a circle, from below, from above, from the center.

They give scope to the creative flight of your imagination and make people around your skill and imagination wonder. Express yourself in knitting and you will not only update your wardrobe, but also experience a lot of positive emotions and recharge with positive.