Noteworthy Australian clothing brands

While Russian fashionistas are updating outfits for the summer season, Australia is already buying winter clothes. Although there are no severe cold weather, you cannot wear shorts in the frosty winter. Every year, the list of local brands is only growing, and people from all over the world are trying to get on their shows. For example, Megan, Duchess of Sussex, attended Fashion Week on the Green Continent. Because in this country, girls know how to dress, and manufacturers know how to create a good product.


Elegance and femininity are the keywords that guide the company in creating the next collection. Clothing is very diverse - from basic to exclusive items. Throughout the entire existence of the brand, it has never been noticed using bad fabrics.


The company, established in Melbourne, produces exquisite things with unusual silhouettes and details already recognizable on the world market. This is the perfect clothing option to go straight from work to the party. Surprisingly, with these clothes you will always follow the dress code.


As you already understood, the policy of Australian brands is based on one important rule: "to the feast and to the world." The style of this company is also subject to the specified motto. The color palette of the company is especially extensive, as well as the number of models. Buying clothes of this brand is one of the best investments, as there is a balance between price and quality.


If you need a high-quality and elegant suit, then pay attention to the CUE brand. All clothes are easily combined with each other, although they could be made for different collections.


And the creators of SASS & BIDE decided to forget about the unspoken rules of local designers. Bizarre, bold, unusual solutions help girls and guys stand out on the streets of the cities of the warm continent. Usually this is done on special occasions: textured materials, the use of beads and rhinestones, as well as bright colors will help you acquire the status of a party queen.


Lace, frill, embroidery - did you want to forget about it? Designer Alice Mccall worked in the fashion industry for ten years, after which she created her own company. In collections, she really combines everything: girlish charm, a daring spirit and bohemian motifs. In the spring it’s time to stock up on her works!


A simple minimalist wardrobe can be assembled with the help of SIR. Designers try to be inspired by both ideas of the past and trends of the present. The relevance of their creations will never be lost, although the hot weather (for which collections are created) rarely pleases Russia.


How to be on the world podium? Ask the creator of Keepsake, as many celebrities are fans of the brand: sisters Hadid and Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon and others. Classic dresses need to be looked for right here, like all basic details. The company also produces underwear and sleeping sets.


And the things of this company can be worn in any weather, even in cold Russian. The creators strive to embody convenience and simplicity in their creations, so they do not shine with a variety of palettes and the number of prints with relaxed silhouettes. Do you like peace? A fifth label will provide you with this.