Nostalgia: how the style of the main stars of the series "Clone" has changed

Series can be treated differently. But there was a time at the turn of the nineties, when this was often the only entertainment of post-Soviet citizens. Heroes were perceived as “their own”, and their hardships, albeit in the film, as a personal drama.

The courtyards were empty when they started the broadcast. After the show, such a strange but beautiful foreign life was discussed for a long time.

Now I recall those days with a sad smile. Nostalgia, probably. For that sincere sincerity and for your favorite heroes. I especially remember the series “Clone”. I think this is the best work from the multiseries cinema industry. Bright, unpredictable and fast-moving plot. And what now, after years, have the main characters become?

Murilo Benicio (Diogo, Lucas, Leo) is now a real macho

He continues to work in the film industry. After "Clone" he worked on leading roles in several more projects. Maintains excellent physical shape and has not changed at all. A little older, which gives him even more charm.

Many believe that Murilo is just a macho man. But is it?

First of all, he is an excellent actor. He is always ready to show millions of fans what is expected of him. But in fact, he is a serious and vulnerable person.

On the set, he had a “stormy romance” with the main character - Zhadi. This led to a very serious and painful divorce, because at that time he was married.

But even this relationship was short-lived, so as not to fall into a depressive state, the actor was completely immersed in the work. Now he has a serious, long-term relationship with a young actress.

Jadi prefers everything light and light

Giovanna Antonelli After working in the series, her personal life was complicated, like that of the heroine Zhadi, difficult. This is a divorce from her husband, after an affair with Murilu. Later, their break, although they had at that time already a common son.

Later, she will marry a businessman and decide to work in America, but here Muril will intervene and will not give permission to take out their common son.

Many months of litigation and scandal were difficult, of course, for both sides. But you should pay tribute to both of them. For the sake of the child, they retained warm feelings, communication. This is a wise and difficult step for them.

Now Giovanna is happy in marriage, brings up children, prefers light colors. However, in any style of clothing she is gorgeous. She manages to look perfect.

Ivetti chooses more modest dresses

The famous Vera Fisher. This actress had great fame even before working in the series "Clone". Star fame played a "bad joke" with her. What novels she was not attributed to, but she lived for sixteen years in marriage, keeping her husband faithful.

After was a romance that ended in divorce, the birth of a son, and a deep drug addiction of Vera. With her, the former, the second spouse, terminated the contracts, and deprived of parental rights to her son.

She knew ups and downs, and was able to get up from her knees. Dealt with her addiction. She returned her "fame and recognition" in the acting environment.

Now it is in demand. Adheres to a modest style in clothing and relationships.

Provides his son with huge estates, cars, teachers and other "joys" of life. And at the same time, he feeds from his alimony to his son and ex-husband.

IMPORTANT: Faith does not hide its former dependence, but also helps to maintain a healthy image for those who are now in the same position as she was before. She completely revised her attitude and now one of her career directions is transmission and training on a healthy lifestyle.

Leonidas changed into a T-shirt

Reginaldo Faria, despite his age, he is almost 82 years old, continues to work on television. But, of course, already less than we would like. He suffered a heart attack.

Now he is more like a family man, who is often seen not on the set, but in a home T-shirt in the circle of his wife, adult sons and grandchildren.

But neither the home style of clothing, nor his age will make us forget his bright role in the favorite series.

Maiza is still good, and Said is strict

Daniella Escobar, who played the role of Maiza, retained her beauty. He devotes a lot of time to training and work.

After the series, the “peak” of fame and popular recognition was used wisely. I took the path of "multiplication." She received a degree at the university and returned to Brazil as a producer.

In personal life, she did not succeed, but it does not greatly oppress her. Demanded, she has a wonderful teenage son and is next to her sincerely loving people.

Some moviegoers share the opinion that, from a career position, perhaps the least demanded is Dalton Wiig, the performer of the role of Said. But this is not a reality.

He simply returned to his stage role in rigor and drama. He is an actor in drama theater and remained faithful to his calling.

But the stage "severity" does not apply to his family. After two unsuccessful marriages, he now has a wonderful family and twin sons.

And the actor is the host of a popular culinary show in Brazil. There he happily cooks himself.

Nazira shy, Mel grew up

Eliana Giardine, performer of the role of Lara Nazira, actress - famous even before the series. But she belonged to a dramatic, sometimes tragic, genre. For her, the role in the series was "relaxation and entertainment."

To this day, she recalls with humor and delight the time when she worked on the series. She really liked to present her character so that she was hated and laughed at the ridiculous situations in which she fell.

The actress and now have many interesting projects, a good family, a grandson and excellent external data.

Deborah Falabella, the performer of the role of Mel, is now a young, but very promising actress in her homeland.

It is in demand in the profession, devotes a lot of time to tours, projects, theaters and television programs. He has a daughter from his first marriage and has been in a relationship with Murilo Benicio for more than six years. He in the series "Clone" played the role of her father. The couple claims that they are happy and do not feel age differences.

And Donna Zhura became younger and gave birth to a child

Solange Koutu, the performer of the kind and cheerful Donna Zhura, is also in demand in the acting path. But the family plays a more important role for her than a career.

In 2010, she got married. The chosen one is slightly younger than her, but in their case, age does not play a role. They had a beautiful son.

Solange works in the theater and on some television projects,

but most of her photographs are now with her son and husband off-stage and on set.

It is sometimes interesting to find out after 17 years how our beloved heroes developed their lives. Someone, having gone through the path of losses, was able to establish personal life. Someone managed to return to a normal social niche and become in demand again.

Some have made significant progress in their careers, while others, on the contrary, have returned to their stage roles, but in any case, we all love them all, as before. We rejoice for their achievements and successes.

And most importantly, the loyalty to the profession of each of them gives hope that we will see their works on our screens more than once. We wait.