A new product has been found to be defective. How to return the money?

I think that with almost everyone who bought clothes or shoes, once this happened! You’re happy at the store, but you’ll come home and suddenly! .. A marriage is found on the purchased item. Alas! .. The situation is very unpleasant and annoying. And it’s a shame for myself, and I feel sorry for the money! But something can still be corrected.

Important! The purchased item can be exchanged or returned to the store with a subsequent refund.

There are laws for this, a return procedure has been developed. The buyer has the right to this, and all sellers are aware of this. But we, buyers, do not know all our rights. We will tell you how to return clothes to the store, and give yourself money.

How to return clothes that show marriage

Merchandise found to be defective can be returned to the store within the expiration date .

Important! Goods with an unspecified expiration date or a warranty period can be returned within two years from the date of purchase.

It is noteworthy that the warranty period for seasonal items (jackets, hats, fur coats, a certain type of shoes) comes from the moment the season begins .

Requirements that may be made by the buyer

Having found a marriage, the buyer has every reason to present one of the proposed requirements.

  • Return of goods and transfer of 100% of the cost of the product.
  • Replacing the product with a similar one, if any, on the trading floor or in storage facilities.
  • Replacement for a similar or other product from the counter (if the cost of the products differs, it is necessary to recalculate).
  • Payment of expenses for the elimination of marriage .
  • Independent elimination of marriage by the seller and returning the item to the buyer.
  • Reducing the cost of a defective product.

How to draw up requirements

Important! To make legal claims, you need to make a claim in writing, describing in paper all the shortcomings of the purchased product.

The claim can be brought to the store on your own or sent by registered mail with notification. It is imperative to certify your copy with the seal and signature of a store employee in order to verify the fact of delivery of the letter.

Expertise is possible!

Sometimes the store insists on a professional examination. In its course, it becomes clear who is guilty of damage to the product .

Reference! The examination is carried out within 7 days, and during the repeated examination, the period is increased to 20 days.

If during the examination it is established that the buyer is guilty of defective goods, he will be obliged to reimburse the costs of the expert procedures.


  • 7 days are set for the seller to present a new product without defect . And also to replace the product with a product of similar quality, if the buyer insists on such a replacement.
  • For 10 days, the seller must compensate for losses incurred in connection with the elimination of the marriage .
  • 45 days are allotted to the seller for the elimination of defects if the buyer demanded to exclude the defect and provide a repaired product.

In which case the seller will not take the goods

The seller may refuse to accept the goods if he proves that defects appeared after the purchase . In this case, the issue can only be resolved through the judiciary .

Refusal to accept the goods can also be obtained if the thing is noticeably corrupted and has signs of worn.

If there is no marriage, but the clothes do not fit

Often a situation arises when, with careful study and fitting, the buyer did not like the style, color of the product. Or just a thing that didn’t work. Often the model does not fit in size or looks completely different than it seemed in the fitting room of the store. This is due to the conditions created by the seller under which clothes look advantageous in the store. In this case, the goods can also be returned to the boutique.

Important! You can return clothes or shoes that are not defective within 14 days from the date of purchase.

What will not be taken back

There are several categories of goods that are categorically not subject to return or exchange from the seller. These categories are governed by Art. 25 Federal Law On Consumer Protection. These include the following:

  • hosiery;
  • swimwear;
  • Underwear.

Goods Acceptance Conditions

If the product is not classified as non-refundable, it will be accepted only if several conditions are met.

  • Clothing or shoes should not have any signs of fraying .
  • Tags and stickers are preserved (even if they are cut from the product).
  • A purchase receipt has been saved.

Important! It is possible to return the goods without presenting a check, but in this case you will have to provide a witness for the purchase.

  • A return application is made in writing, in the form of a claim .

What to indicate in the claim

In the claim letter, the buyer writes down the reasons for returning the unsuitable item. To do this, select a special item.

The buyer has the right to demand the replacement of goods with a similar quality available in a warehouse or store. You can also demand a refund of 100%, which the seller must return within three days.

The seller must accept the claim from the buyer. After that, he has three days to consider the application . After this period, the seller must make a decision or appoint additional examinations, which are obliged to notify the buyer.

Laws in most cases are on the side of buyers, if there is no outright fraud. Having purchased goods of inadequate quality, you can safely contact the store and demand its replacement or refund of money spent on the purchase. The store is not entitled to refuse to consider the claim and return the goods, if there are reasonable reasons for this.