New fashion from Europe: we wear dresses with jeans

Next fall, the most unusual images will be trending. Now you do not have to choose between your favorite things, but to put on everything all at once. Dresses in combination with your favorite jeans will be the most stylish looks. In past seasons, fashion designers have already offered something similar, but then they were modest monochromatic mono-bows. Now everything is much more complicated, which is only a long leather sundress in combination with wide flared jeans, "boiled sweets".

How to combine a dress with jeans?

We are not used to combining dress and jeans, but if you think carefully, this is a great tandem. They pacify our desire to look original in any situation, and at the same time allow us to feel comfortable in any weather. This is especially true in regions where the weather does not indulge in warmth. A girl can look feminine and attractive without sacrificing her health.

Each girl can independently make a successful set with jeans and her favorite summer dress, but still it is better to adhere to certain rules. Stylists advise:

  • choose a dress knee-length or lower;
  • the upper part of the dress should not too fit the body;
  • a narrow leather belt or a properly selected style of the upper part of the bow will help to identify the waist line;
  • jeans must be selected so that they fit tightly on the hips.

Important! It is best to complement the autumn look with a warm coat, voluminous sweater or cardigan, as well as a scarf. Multilayer casual bows look very attractive.

It is important to choose the details of the wardrobe so as not to create disharmony in the silhouette. The necessary details are better emphasized by tight outfits or thin straps. And stylish accessories will only emphasize the individuality of the girl.

How to combine a dress with trousers?

Many well-known fashion designers have already presented many fashionable bows using feminine dresses and trousers in one look. For example, Raf Simons, in the framework of Calvin Clein shows, presented monochrome bows in snow-white and milk shades, where the female models were dressed in feminine simple-cut dresses and wide elongated trousers of a classic style. It should be noted that such sets looked very fresh and unusual. Any fashionista wants to feel like a princess in such an outfit.

Other fashion designers went further in their fantasies and combined different textures and colors in one look. In Givenchi collections, models appeared before the audience in colorful sweaters made of feathers and voluminous threads of grass, their length ranged from “to the middle of the thigh” to “knee-deep”. Under them, designers offer to choose flared wide trousers in calm shades.

Stylists advise not to wait for autumn to be considered a fashionista. Already now you can make stylish casual sets with your favorite summer dresses and well-chosen jeans and trousers.