New extravagant colors in clothes, what do they mean?

Some ten years ago, we had no idea that the skirt could be minty, the scarf might be dusty, and the coat might be powdery. What inspire modern designers and how to understand the tonal diversity of modern clothes? I propose to find out the meaning and correspondence of the name and color.


It immediately becomes unclear what does the color of the powder have to do with clothing? Is it a velvety friable structure or a specific shade?

In fact, "powdery" color exactly repeats the palette located on the stands of cosmetics stores. The powder range includes a large number of shades, ranging from light beige, ending with "coffee with milk" and even some pink shades. Well, something between beige and pink. This is a universal color that suits almost every girl or woman. Light powdery tones are very gentle and are used to create romantic, inspired images.

What to combine such a soft shade with? It is incredibly simple, I will answer you! After all, powdery color is combined with almost any darker and more saturated shade. Let's look at some examples.

  1. Under the powdery “top” you can safely put on a skirt or trousers in black, blue jeans.
  2. Powdery leggings can be supplemented with a snow-white blouse and any other that combines with the general style of the top.
  3. A dress in such a cocktail type tone with a brilliant texture looks luxurious and charming.


Everything is pretty prosaic here. Designers were inspired by a delicate spring flower of the same name. But few people know what crocus looks like and, having stumbled upon a thing with such a characteristic in an online store, it becomes unclear what it is and what to wear it with.

And the first thing that is important to know about the shade is its psychological application. Modern designers emphasize that the color crocus is suitable for strong and courageous women, confident in their irresistibility and sense of style. This is a bright and saturated color that can be used both to create a monochrome image and to highlight its individual elements.

Overweight women should think several times before buying a crocus-colored item and it is better to direct their attention to the department with “powder”.


The word itself in translation from English means "naked", "naked."

Clothing of “naked” color still leads the ranking position in the fashion world, but no one can say exactly what kind of color it is. The fact is that “nude” is not one color, it is a generalizing group that includes all shades of a natural tone that is closest to skin color. That is why it is easiest to create the effect of a “naked outfit” with the help of nude things. The closer the color of the clothes to the natural color of your skin, the “nude” the outfit.

Let's see where this tone is applied:

  • in dresses that add femininity and lightness;
  • in trousers that visually thin and slim the figure;
  • in blouses that make the silhouette almost weightless;
  • in outerwear, which is practically not suitable for rains and snow, but it looks very impressive.

Things in nude shades are truly universal and suitable for everyone, in general, like powder. Both young brunettes and blondes of “Balzac age” can wear them.

I wonder what color is considered nude for black ladies?


And this color was invented, apparently, with a glass of the same name wine, which struck with its richness and richness of the shade. By the way, this is not the first wine tint. Bordeaux appeared earlier, which also repeats the name of the wine variety, and of course the color.

Should we expect colors like Tarhun or Pinocchio from domestic designers?

Marsala can be found everywhere: in clothes, accessories and even makeup. This spectacular color is very loved and used by everyone in creating the image, even those to whom it categorically does not suit.


It’s easy to imagine what exotic citrus looks like - it’s just a green lemon. But it’s difficult to understand how to introduce this trendy shade into everyday onions. And what exactly is meant - lime skin, dark and green, or pulp of a more delicate transparent shade?

Neon, flashy (like lime punch, for example) and not always appropriate lime color at the peak of popularity and is used by most designers as the leader in the collection. Fashionistas need to remember that you need to be very careful to select details for lime along. This color is self-sufficient and does not like competition. If you hook lime along with Marsala, it will not turn out very beautifully, to say the least.


If you imagine an ordinary, green mint bush, you can get even more confused than before this presentation.

“Mint” can be all shades from pale green to greenish blue, the main condition is that they must be of a cold type, this is the message of the creator of this shade.

In the summer wardrobe, mint is simply obliged to be present, as it cools, soothes and pacifies. What you need to pay attention to when buying clothes of mint color is the type of fabric. If the material is cheap and of poor quality, the thing will not look comme il faut and you can easily get a banal olive instead of luxurious mint.

Dusty rose

Here is another color that makes me wonder. What does a dusty rose mean? Dirty, covered in dust that grows along the road?

Looking at this color in clothes in general, it turns out that way. These are soft pink shades with an admixture of some grayness. For an amateur, of course, color, for an amateur, but it is considered trendy.

I am glad that the color is not whimsical and goes well with many other contrasting and vibrant colors, as well as their own kind.

What else is outlandish

In addition to those listed above, surprise and a lack of understanding of how it looks can cause the following shades:

  1. Greenery. The specialists of the color institute called yellow-green color with such an unusual overseas word.
  2. Niagara In fact, the color of the “Niagara” is the same as the water in the whole famous waterfall - blue.
  3. Flame Things that fell into the flame panel are flaming red skirts and trousers. Burn, burn!
  4. Kale. The color of curly cabbage will appeal to all lovers of military uniforms. And for those who don’t know what color curly cabbage ... is it green in military style, which is incomprehensible?
  5. Camel. The color of camel hair is sand, and you can’t call it any other way, but the sand is boring and boring, but the camel - yes, the camel - is fresh and not beaten.

  6. Peacock pink. Has anyone seen a pink peacock? I don’t know something? Be that as it may, in fact it is a well-known fuchsia or a mixture of pink and raspberry.
  7. Chili oil. All his life he was terracotta, but now they decided to add pepper to the oil.
  8. Emperador. What can I say, chocolate diluted with cognac. Perhaps the stylist, who had drunk a lot of brandy with chocolate, could not pronounce the word "emperor", and so they decided to leave it.

Getting lost in many unusual buzzwords is very simple, look at the cabbage.

That's what I absolutely do not understand, so why complicate things like that ?! Why call what has long been called and known by some new and very strange words.

Probably, this is the main fashionable secret: everything new is well forgotten old.