New dresses for the New Year 2019 (photo)

The approaching New Year is an exciting time for any woman. It is necessary to choose a New Year's dress necessarily in accordance with the recommendations of astrologers. Their advice and modern fashion designers are taking into account, developing their collections of holiday clothes. So, what is the New Year 2018–2019 celebration for?

Interesting fashion trends and new items

Among the main trends of Christmas costumes, European fashion houses settled on expensive fabrics and shiny and unusual jewelry such as sequins, rhinestones, feathers and embroideries. Dresses of various lengths with one open shoulder, neckline or with an open back will be relevant.

Important! In an evening suit, only one frank detail is permissible, otherwise it will look vulgar.

Again, the linen style is in fashion, but if before it often looked very provocative, now it is customary to wear such clothes with thin T-shirts or turtlenecks, which eliminates excessive frankness without depriving the outfit of sexuality. A festive occasion is not a reason to refuse such a costume, and in combination with expensive lace, organza and tulle as inserts or additions, the dress will look very worthy.

The multilayered and asymmetric skirts that perfectly hide the imperfection of the figure are also worth mentioning as fashion trends.

New Year dress color 2019

The Yellow Earth Pig prefers shades of red, but there is a danger of being one of the many “ladies in red”. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, we advise you to pay attention to all shades of flame: orange, blue, blue, purple, light brown, yellow in various shades, and even green and turquoise.

In addition, outfits made of golden, silver and bronze fabrics will allow you to be in the trend, and details made of light transparent materials will give them special luxury.

Some designers offer options for dresses that differ in a special sophisticated chic: a subtle dark background is a delicate embroidery with gold or silver threads. Such echoes of the distant Rococo create a festive mood of magnificent old balls.

Materials and prints of dresses

Traditionally, the New Year's Eve is a real parade of dresses where every woman wants to be stunning and unique. And like any other celebration, this event requires a special attitude to fabrics, which should be noble shades and look expensive. As always for special occasions are used:

  • velvet;
  • lace;
  • brocade;
  • atlas;
  • organza;
  • silk.

A multi-layered outfit of gradient colored fabrics will be effective and relevant, but in this case one rule must be observed: if the skirt is voluminous, then the top of the dress should be extremely restrained, and vice versa, a modest skirt with a fluffy top.

Corrugated fabrics returned to the catwalks : flying collections of corrugation skirts in soft pastel colors are presented in fashion collections.

In women's suits, floral prints are always relevant. This year's New Year's outfits are no exception. A floral design in a dress with an asymmetric skirt made completely or supplemented with details from organza or chiffon looks especially impressive.


Velvet dresses are a traditional festive outfit that has not gone out of fashion for many years. It can be completely closed or in a linen style, which in no way diminishes its solemnity . If the dress sits perfectly, the woman in it will be impossible not to notice.

Important! It is worth remembering that velvet is a pile cloth, soft and immediately fits the figure. The outflow of fabric created by the direction of the pile can emphasize both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, choosing a velvet outfit for the festive evening, be careful when trying on.


Lace always looks feminine and romantic. A win-win option may be a cocktail dress made entirely of lace fabric, or a dress with lace inserts of various styles:

  • geometric lace, leading its history from the late Renaissance and including elements in the form of circles and triangles; it is traditionally used to decorate heavy fabrics such as velvet and brocade, "diluting" the heaviness of the material and giving the costume completeness and solemnity;
  • knitted lace, the effect of which is completely dependent on the skill of the lace-maker.

Important! A lady in a dress made entirely of knitted lace can become the real queen of the ball, subject to the high level of skill of its creator.

With fringe

Usually used to decorate clothes in the style of country or boho, fringe is quite consistent with the modern trend of layering, and in the fashion collections of evening dresses you can find models with this interesting detail. Giving lightness and freedom, sophistication and aristocracy, it is perfect for decorating a New Year's costume.

With fur

Fur details in casual and festive clothes have been trending for several years. An outfit of silk, satin or velvet can also be trimmed with fur, natural or artificial, with a pile of different lengths - there are no restrictions. Trim can be placed on the shoulders and collar, hem, sleeves and pockets . Ankle boots or boots with ankle boots of any length are ideal for such a suit.

Important! Supplements such as fur boleros or handbags should be deleted!

Large prints

This season, almost every fashion house presented clothes with futuristic prints made in the 3D technique, as well as quite classic ones, like a cage or pea. Large prints do not go out of fashion : they are always spectacular and attract the eye. However, such drawings should be approached carefully, as they visually make the figure heavier.

Girls with curvaceous forms are better to refuse such dresses, but thin women can safely use this feature to their advantage: if the picture is located in the right place, it can serve the lady in a very favorable light.


Lush and airy products made of organza or chiffon are also in trend. Traditionally, they are made of black or white fabric, however, these colors are not suitable for the Feast of the Earthen Pig . Therefore, couturiers offer ladies translucent dresses in pastel or bright colors, the sincerity of which is “diluted” with lower dresses or skirts.

At the party you can wear a costume with translucent details or inserts - this is fully consistent with fashion trends. An interesting find for young girls is organza dresses with floral prints sewn on them as an applique. Both fashionable and elegant.


Perhaps the most fashionable trend of festive fashion is metallic fabrics. Dresses from them can be of very different lengths and various styles. The main rule is not to overload with accessories and jewelry .

The best styles of dresses for the New Year 2019

The diversity and democracy of modern fashion trends will allow any woman to choose the right outfit for the holiday. In order not to get lost in this abundance of styles, fabrics and colors, we will try to determine the main fashionable landmarks.


The knee-length dress is conservative enough to combine chic and austerity in the image. Advantageously emphasizing the merits of any figure, it allows you to add elegant details to the style like a lace insert. If the dress itself is sewn from elegant fabric, then fashion accessories will complement the image and emphasize your uniqueness.


There are almost no restrictions for this model: women with a slim figure and owners of larger forms can afford it. The fabric can be any, from metallic to velvet, the length is both lower and higher than the knee. If you complement the dress with a wide belt, you get a silhouette of an hourglass, which emphasizes its femininity.

Important! Shoes for such an outfit need to choose light and elegant, preferably with a heel, since a flat sole is suitable only for very slim long-legged girls.

Baby Doll

A small dress with a short flared skirt and high waist, which came into fashion back in the 50s of the 20th century. It will create a flirty youthful image and allow others to admire the slender legs. A fluffy skirt suggests the presence of layering, which meets modern fashion trends .

Important! Suitable for tall slim or miniature women under 35 years old.


A dress of a straight long silhouette with a high waist and bare shoulders (or shoulder). Modern designers have created models with sleeves that do not destroy the overall impression of airiness. The craftsmanship of the sculptural cut and layering are the features of this clothing. The flowing folds of the skirt freely fall to the floor.

The fabrics are chosen light, translucent, which give grace to the female figure. Such a dress at a New Year's party will allow its owner to feel like a real goddess.


A very concise cut, not fitted, is made of fabric with an interesting texture, where guipure inserts are added. Often, embroidery is used to decorate these dresses. The waistline is emphasized by a wide belt. It will allow the lady to feel free and relaxed at the holiday.


This tight-fitting long dress on the floor always looks very feminine due to the skirt flared from the knee. It emphasizes the figure very favorably, especially if it is made of shimmering fabric like satin. A classic style of dress for any celebration.


Retro dresses are designed to emphasize the grace of a female figure, so they have not gone out of fashion for many years. The cut of this dress has many modifications, but at the base there is always a slightly high waist and a tight bodice. The skirt can be either flared or a case type, and the fabric can be plain or with certain prints.

Modern designers have returned to fashion cage, peas and floral patterns - these are just the classic prints of retro dresses. Wearing such an outfit for the New Year's party, the lady can safely count on attention.


Design collections always include some zest, and often in this capacity represent asymmetric dresses. If we talk about this model as an outfit for a New Year's party, then it is worth paying attention to cocktail cropped or lengths of a midi dress with flowing asymmetric skirts . Layering and translucency are welcome.

What dress to wear for a New Year's corporate party?

New Year's corporate parties - a mandatory trend of the time. Women for a long time begin to think about their outfit for the holiday in their native team. In order for the event to go flawlessly, when choosing an outfit for an office party, you should adhere to some rules:

  • refuse frank outfits with a deep neckline and open back;
  • the most appropriate length of the skirt will be midi - conveniently and within the bounds of decency, and modern models and fabrics allow you to create a very effective look with this;
  • it’s better to choose restrained colors, but within the requirements of the symbol of the year: wine, emerald, lemon, purple;
  • a sheath dress with a long sleeve will be most welcome;
  • it is better to refuse superfluous flashy accessories, but wearing high-heeled shoes will give the image of femininity and charm.

Original models of dresses in the year of the pig

To celebrate the year of the Yellow Pig, it is not necessary to wear a dress. You can choose jumpsuits, light pants or even shorts. The main thing is that they correspond to the color symbols of the year . We choose yellow, green and brown shades, and the protection of the Earth pig is provided to us.

Important! If you have chosen a costume in black or white, include in the ensemble details or accessories in natural shades.

Examples of unusual dresses:

New Year's dresses for pregnant women

Positive emotions are one of the requirements of the regimen for a pregnant woman. Therefore, fashionable clothes should be present in the wardrobe all 9 months. The only thing you need to remember is about the tissues of which it is made - they must be light, natural, allow air to pass through and not rub the body .

As for the styles, we choose a free silhouette, a small tightness of roundness is acceptable. The optimal length is midi.

New Year dresses for overweight women

Practical in any model house, there is always a new collection of clothes for donuts. In order to look spectacular at the main holiday of the year, you need to know a few secrets:

  • long dresses on the floor can "eat" a few extra pounds;
  • it is better to choose a dress from a satin of wine or dark green; lace accents emphasize the festivity ;
  • plant ornaments and leopard prints will help visually hide extra centimeters;
  • a deep neckline will emphasize a beautiful magnificent chest, however, for a corporate party, this option is better to sweep away.

Top 10 best Christmas images with a dress with a photo

For a corporate event, suede or patent leather stiletto heels or elegant lace-up ankle boots are suitable. If you chose a classic dress, then shoes with sculpted heels are suitable. For a New Year's Eve in the family circle, open sandals or platform or wedge shoes are suitable. They are not only comfortable, but for many years they have not gone out of fashion.

Important! The more brightly decorated the dress, the more modest shoes should be.

The pig loves luxury and shine, so accessories should be bright . It is not at all necessary to wear gold and diamonds, professionally made jewelry is quite suitable: bracelets, massive rings and earrings, stylized as antique jewelry - quite a worthy choice.

In the hairstyle, it is better to adhere to naturalness : soft curls or styling based on a ponytail are best for New Year's Eve. The image will be complemented by a clutch that matches the shoes, rectangular or in the shape of a ball.

Presenting the top 10 looks for the New Year 2019 with a dress: