A network not only for fishermen, but also for fashionistas: how to use the fashion trend-2019

In the recent past, the grid could be considered vulgar, and the image with its use could be considered unsuccessful. But today the situation has changed. Fashion catwalks are filled with clothes made of mesh fabric . Like any other fabric, which makes it possible to consider a little more than expected, it is considered very seductive and frank .

How to wear such outfits so as not to look vulgar? Let's try to understand the intricacies of modern fashion.

Network in clothes

On the catwalk, the grid can be found both in sports outfits and in feminine dresses. Fashion designers seek to expose the female body . But, still trying to save the riddle, they try to do it so as not to harm the image as a whole .

Thanks to modern materials and production technologies, designers are able to create the most unimaginable outfits. Some even look like costumes of the future, created from innovative, incompletely studied fabrics.

2019 Designer Findings

Fashion Week conquered all women with dresses and suits made of a mesh that visually resembles a fishing one. Products with large "holes" are used by stylists as independent wardrobe items or are used as additions to basic outfits . In both cases, it looks original and fresh.

A similar trend in their collections was used:

  • Sonia Rykiel;

  • Ports 1961;

  • Balmain;

  • Alexander Wang and many others.

Important! Under the onslaught of a trendy trend, even the house of Karl Lagerfeld could not stand it. His collection also featured "fishing" motifs. Dresses and costumes using the net became the highlight of the program.

Moreover, the images were very different. Stylists suggest women to use mesh in different cases. It can be worn in everyday looks, or you can create a unique and attractive evening look using a fine mesh . Both cases are relevant and look original.

How the grid is applied

Trend fabric today is used in various forms.

She looks very attractive as a decoration for a dress or suit . To complete the picture, you can use additional decorative elements, for example, rhinestones, sequins, ruffles and others. They will create bright accents and highlight the girl from the crowd.

At the same time, it is perfectly acceptable to use the net as an independent outfit . For example, wear a short or midi dress with medium-sized holes in a spectacular body. The image will be frank and sexy, the girl will feel like a real star. The main thing is to correctly choose the case when such a dress can be worn without fear of going for a vulgar woman.

A metallic or laser mesh looks futuristic.

Due to the unusual shine and original tailoring, the costume may look like alien clothes made from the most innovative materials. Such an image will not go unnoticed, the girl effectively stands out from the gray mass.

How to wear mesh clothes

Dresses and suits made of similar fabric can be used for everyday wear or for an evening out. It is unlikely that such an outfit is suitable for work, except for companies that do without a dress code, creative workshops and similar companies.

At Fashion Week, a variety of images using a grid were presented that can find application in everyday life.

Boho style

Spectacular coarse mesh hoodies look great on top of bathing suits or underwear, as well as complement the complex multi-layered bow.

Bodycon Dress

A short dress with a slightly elongated or long mesh will look appropriate both at a party and in everyday life, for example, on a romantic date.

Dress "fisherman's net"

A trendy trend, usually of a straight cut, midi or maxi length, is decorated with fringe. This is an outfit for the brave and the daring, able to properly present themselves.

Advice! If the girl does not have the courage to put on a revealing dress and expose her body, you can use the trendy fabric as part of the wardrobe. For example, buy a top with inserts or thin gloves made of mesh.

Not just a dress

Net tights will be no less relevant this summer. You can use them in any outfits and for different occasions. Many girls cannot imagine their wardrobe without this detail, and finally, the time has come! In summer, the accessory can be worn regularly .

In any case, the net is designed to expose more than cover . That is why you need to use the trend with extreme caution. If the girl is not too young, you need to be extremely careful. Exposure is the destiny of youth. But you can wear a trendy thing so that the image will be worthy even of a stylish, elegant lady . It's all about taste and a sense of proportion.