Neither mind nor imagination. How brand names are distorted

Counterfeits originally from China with original names have become legends. Global brands value their own trademarks and carefully monitor illegal copies. If someone wants to sue, then the Chinese retort: ​​"We did not copy, but created our own, a little like yours." So there are funny names that strongly resemble expensive brands.

The most famous warped names

The popular brand of sportswear “Adidas” suffered the most. Whatever variations you will meet, the famous “Abibas” has long surpassed the market: odoss, obibos and other variations on the theme. With the easy hands of Chinese businessmen, the elegant “Puma” turns into the unknown beast of Ruth, and “Nike” is awarded the familiar nickname Nick.

Even the “CE” mark of European quality repeats the style of the original, but on the other hand, crafty businessmen have made a smaller distance between the letters, having diverted lawsuits from themselves.

The agility of the mind does not stop at copying names. There is an interesting fact widely reported in the media - a completely pirated copy of the Apple store! It was so similar to the original up to the spiral staircase and the corporate design of the walls, that, probably, even the employees themselves sacredly believed that they were working on a well-developed American brand. According to recent reports, authorities have identified 22 fake dots with a bitten apple. After this incident, the fake Ikea changed all colors to the opposite, fearing fair retaliation.

Copies of outlets

Places with red signs with three yellow arches, so clearly copied from McDonald's, look funny that this top of wit can only be overshadowed by OFC in large letters on a red background and a laughing man strangely similar to Barack Obama. There is another example of resourcefulness - Sunbucks, the logo is a Chinese dragon on a green background, and the name goes in an outer circle. This coffee shop also decided not to go far from the world famous brand.

Probably the worst part about copying is using cardboard instead of a test. There is less harm from a poorly painted logo than from artificial food produced in violation of technology.


The Chinese auto industry offers copies of products from renowned companies at affordable prices. There is no way to buy expensive things in the country, so the domestic market was delighted with its own dexterity. And in other countries there were lovers of cheap Chinese iron.

Known examples:

  • Mini Cooper - Lifan 320;
  • Mercedes CLK - BYD S8;
  • Smart Car - Shuanghuan Noble.

The epic with cigarettes

In conclusion, I want to tell you one wonderful story that I really liked. She once again proves the dodgy of the Chinese mind.

All smokers at least once, but held in their hands a cigarette from China, even if they are sure that this never happened to them. The Chinese are a smoking nation, tobacco brings 8% of the profits to the country's budget! Enormous demand creates supply - the law of the market, so counterfeiters are very "fond" of Marlborough and other recognizable brands.

An advertisement for the Chinese Marlboro shows off a cowboy with a face of a characteristic eastern appearance. Marketers are not interested in historical certainty ...

One day, tobacco smugglers from Yunxiao County hired a fake military for a show. The underground factory turned into a military unit. While marching on the parade ground, goods were packaged in the basements. The deception was uncovered, the factory was covered, and this story spread throughout the world.

The Chinese are in their own way a unique and enterprising nation. They understand that it’s easier to use well-known brands than to invest in the production of something new. And people are willing to buy even obvious fakes, hoping that this is "real China."