Needles under the threshold - what to do ?!

Black magic can be treated differently. Some consider this a relic of the past. Others do not consider it necessary to think about it. But all this is only until such time as it concerns us ...

Where can I find needles?

It is believed that, like any piercing object, the needle carries a large flow of negative information, which, with the help of certain rituals and conspiracies, was sent to the needle.

This is one of the most favorite attributes that is used more often than others. The explanation for this is very simple. It is difficult to detect, but easy to place and go unnoticed.

Under the threshold, in the doorposts, behind the wallpaper and in the carpets

If in these places you find a needle that was clearly stuck, this should alert.

Even in such an unpleasant situation, you need to keep yourself in control and in an adequate condition. The needle, which simply lies on the floor, was most likely simply dropped by one of the household members.

What to do with them

Of course, they need to be removed. However, it is strongly forbidden to touch such objects of esotericism with bare hands. To do this, use a scoop and a broom. You need to sweep everything on the scoop, and throw it outside the house.

The broom and scoop also need to be destroyed. According to the recommendations they need to be burned.

Some experts in magic and parapsychology recommend that the needles taken outside the house be filled with salt, and objects where they were found should be washed with water brought from the temple.

There is also the opinion of the clergy in this matter. They, as expected, ask not to succumb to superstition, but nevertheless invite the priest to clean the premises.

Who and why puts them there

Sometimes protective plots and charms are made on pins, such things are attached to the inside of the garment. But needles are always used only for harm.

With the help of needles they cause quarrels in the family, illnesses, lack of money, scandals and illnesses. Love spells. Having discovered such a "gift", it should be understood that someone clearly wants bad.

Moreover, in his desires, this man moved on to real action.

The main question, of course, is who did this.

A logical conclusion can come right away, in carpets and wallpaper, only a person who happens to be in the house and, therefore, is familiar, can leave the needle.

However, this is not an indicator. Referring to information from occult practitioners, it becomes clear that some rites and spoilages are carried out with needles, which must be placed exactly under the threshold or door jamb. So it’s not always the stranger who will leave them there.

Keep yourself in control. Yes, the situation is incomprehensible and unpleasant, but you should not blame everyone.

It is not necessary to have pronounced enemies. It can be at least a neighbor who, out of envy or just out of spite, has carried out such actions. The problem is that in our age of high technology and open access to information, almost any ritual can be found on the Internet. And most of them use it.

Practitioners also give advice and offer certain rituals on how to make the person who put these needles appear in person. But in this case, you need to understand that moving to the occult plane, a person becomes at the same level with the one who did it.