Naked ankles in winter, where are parents looking ?!

Often walking along the street, you can see teenagers in fairly light clothes, it is clear that fashion and all that. But when, at a rather low temperature, you see a man with his pants rolled up so that you can see his ankle, he forcibly jokes.

Why tuck jeans in winter

Really, why? At a time when frost and snow are raging on the street, it is a reasonable decision not to leave the house at all. But in our time for a long time to sit in your comfortable home does not work, hello work and human needs. Walking along the street, you can often see teenagers, and not only who walk with their bare ankles. If in summer this can be explained by the fact that it is hot outside, and thus the body breathes better, in winter this phenomenon becomes incomprehensible. After questioning the three representatives from this group, what they got was that everyone claims that it’s not at all cold for them to turn up their jeans, and indeed they’re already wearing any pants, and now it’s so fashionable. To the question of what is the current fashion, they answered shortly, high upsides emphasize shoes, which, by the way, are also often summer.

Naturally, they do not know that such clothes threaten serious diseases. Or they know, but they think that it will not affect them. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question “Why?”. Teenagers do this because their idols do it. Only they do not think that the climate in which their idols live is completely different.

Ankle Scarves

Yes, this is serious. Another modern trend, which allows owners of gates and just short pants not to freeze in cold weather and look even “cooler”. It is still unknown how widespread this trend is, and besides, there is no sale of this accessory yet. However, this does not stop modern fashionistas at all, and on the streets of large cities, for example, the capital, you can meet people with scarves for their ankles. Where do they get them if they aren’t on sale yet? The answer is simple - in children's stores. Choose the smallest size of the accessory, select the color and buy 2 at once - one for each leg.

It certainly looks ridiculous, but here it’s a matter of taste, there are much more strange and incomprehensible trends.

What is this threatening to health

Perhaps you should not say that bare ankles are really a threat to health, especially somewhere in the outback, in Siberia. It is very easy to earn hypothermia even when the body is closed, what can we say about when the cold wind blows it at minus 20. Frostbite can develop into serious problems with joints and ligaments, which are not so easy to treat.

Temperature -50 degrees

Pay attention . To cure damaged, congealed ligaments, a whole specialized course is required, which is selected exclusively individually for each patient, due to the intolerance of some drugs, or its components. To find out, it will take a number of tests, in general, treatment is expensive. Naked ankles with short socks are fashionable among young people, but ignoring socks in general is considered the peak. Ie wear shoes on a bare foot.

It is important . Shoes on a bare foot are good only in the summer, and provided that it is open, and the skin of the legs breathes. Otherwise, the risk is very high to earn a fungus, which, by the way, is also very difficult to cure. It is very easy to catch it in the sports locker room, and in the summer, when it is very hot, especially in closed shoes, the most favorable conditions are created for the development of the fungus. In winter, the foot freezes even more, there is a risk of frostbite not only the ankle, but the whole foot, which significantly complicates the situation.

Conclusion Fashion or recklessness?

It is impossible to answer exactly this question. Just because the answer will be geographically attached to some point on the planet. For example, in the same New York it is not very cold even in winter, it is appropriate to wear gadgets and short socks, but even there they often condemn such people for their disregard for their own health.

The concept of beauty and fashion goes hand in hand with the concept of impracticality. After all, fashion and beauty have long been associated and told about a person his privileges, lifestyle, his place in society. Now the world is gradually moving away from the conviction and characterization of man only by his clothes, but the centuries-old line is still traced.

Now, having asked the man why he was not dressed for the weather, he will most likely answer that he just got out of the car to that store across the road, so he simply will not have time to freeze. Or a lady walking in summer shoes, but in a fur coat, will say that she was taken directly to the door of the house or work, so she does not need to wear winter boots and she is not cold. It all comes down to the fact that these people literally say “I can afford it”. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it is a blind pursuit of fashion that jeopardizes human health, which, as you know, is almost impossible to completely restore.