Mule is back in trend! How to wear heelless shoes

Agree, the mood may depend on the shoes. Uncomfortable, rubbing shoes - this is a serious test. This season, you can breathe easy: practical mules are relevant . This common name has shoes that do not have a heel . The foot in such shoes does not hold down anything, which means that in terms of comfort they are quite comparable to cozy slippers. At the same time, they fit perfectly into the everyday, business and even evening look.

The peculiarity of the mule

Do not confuse mules and clogs.

Reference! Mules, unlike clogs, do not have a massive platform or wedges.

Therefore, these are more elegant and feminine shoes, periodically leaving fashion catwalks, but certainly returning.

This year, designers offer models for every taste:

  • with open or closed toe;
  • low or high heels;
  • with and without decorations;
  • from natural or synthetic materials and even with fur.

All their lack of a backdrop, straps and ties .

What is mule

The word "mule" from Latin is translated as "thinker."

Reference! It is believed that in ancient Rome, only a select few were entitled to similar shoes. This privilege was possessed by kings and learned men, that is, those engaged in mental activity.

In addition, open shoes are a testament to the wealth of its owner . He does not need to engage in hard work, and there is time to look after himself, in particular, the skin of the foot.

How shoes without a backdrop changed

  • For unsurpassed convenience, open shoes fell in love on the eastern outskirts of the Roman Empire . There they “sprouted” local color: gold embroidery, beads, precious stones, bent up socks .
  • Mules returned to Europe only during the time of the Crusaders. Here, at different times, shoes without heels were treated differently. In the mid-19th century, ladies of easy virtue chose her, at the beginning of the 20th century she fell in love with movie star. Since that time, mules, if out of fashion, then not for long.


It seems that shoes with an open heel have only pluses. But upon careful consideration, there is one very serious minus - it can not be worn in the winter . Hot summers, cool autumn - for these seasons you can choose the right pair, but for the frosty winter - will fail.

Another drawback is associated with the quirks of designers who have included mules on fancy, but uncomfortable heels in their collections.

Mule Varieties

On the shelves of shops there is a wide variety of models. Conventionally, they can be divided by season:

  • summer with open toe;
  • summer closed;
  • autumn closed.

In each variety there are shoes designed for every day, there are models for evening outs and acceptable for the office.

It would be wrong to assume that mules are required exclusively by women. No, they are well established in the men's wardrobe.

Who can wear mules

Depending on the model, mules are considered shoes that are suitable for all occasions .

Important! Allow very young girls and ladies “in years ” to afford such “slippers .

For mature women

You just need to remember a few points:

  • the older the woman, the better quality shoes should be;
  • preference should be given to the classic color scheme, for example, white, beige, black mule.

For young

  • Young people are allowed much more: decorations with bows, rhinestones, embroidery, transparent inserts.
  • You can risk walking on triangular heels or made in the form of a sphere, spiral .
  • There are also no restrictions in color, and a combination of several shades remains popular.

Important! Open shoes attract attention to the heels and toes, so it looks ridiculous on unkempt legs.

How to combine mules

It all depends on the style, material, heel height. Some models are organic with trousers, others with skirts. There are those in which it is good to take long walks. And there are elegant and elegant, in which it’s not a shame to go even along the red carpet.

For special occasion

Mule on a hairpin is always feminine and solemn. Anything is put on to such shoes: evening dress, dress pants, shorts .

If you want to show beautiful ankles, a thin high heel will perfectly emphasize them. And the figure will seem slimmer.

Important! Ladies with curvaceous forms this option is not suitable. But do not despair: a steady heel of medium and more than average thickness will come to the rescue.

A high heel lends elegance and seductiveness to the gait. Therefore, it is ideal for creating an evening ensemble with a thin flowing dress and silk overalls.

On every day

For everyday wear, you need to choose models with a stable medium and low heels . Under fashionable oversize dresses, culottes, palazzo, cargo, you can choose wedges .

Help Wedge shoes give the ankles extra solidity. Therefore, a combination of voluminous shoes with tight and tight clothing is unacceptable.

To the office

The office dictates its own rules: closed toe, high or medium heel. The basic rule when choosing office shoes is: “ when viewed from the front, the business model should resemble classic boats .”

To walk

The option without heels is perfect for current culottes, cropped jeans, loose trousers. Want to wear a skirt? We say yes to accordion pleats.

Important! Models with an open toe are designed for bare foot wear. Therefore, they should not be worn on socks or tights.

In cool weather

Autumn models have a higher vamp, may have a fur trim. Looks good with a sweatshirt, a biker jacket or a long coat.

This season, shoes without a heel are at the peak of popularity. A fashionable pair of suitable shoes without a backdrop makes the image of its owner stylish and witty.