The most unfashionable things in 2019

It's hard to keep up with fashion! If you want to look modern - just manage to keep track of what's new on the catwalk. At the same time, women do not always pay attention to what clothes or their details disappeared in the new season as unfashionable. But this is important! One unfashionable thing can reduce the impression of an image that would seem to be matched and thought out. See what can let you down in 2019.

Clothing that has ceased to be fashionable

In the coming spring-summer season, the fashion for femininity, the ease of outfits and slight negligence returns. But what should be put aside.

Models that have become antitrends

Speaking specifically about the details of clothing, then in 2019 several models lost their relevance at once.

  • The oversize coat will be correctly left until better times, because it was replaced by feminine models of fitted fit.

  • Trousers with stripes .

  • Cardigans "waterfall" (with asymmetric, freely falling edges). Classic models pushed them to the background.

  • Sweaters, dresses, tight-fitting knitted blouses .

  • Skinny jeans .

  • Rompers (overalls with shorts), which for several years were the highlight of the image of stylish fashionistas.

  • Skirts from tulle.

  • Knee-length dresses with tucks at the waist and a voluminous skirt .

IMPORTANT! In the list of fashionable antitrends-2019, you need to add torn jeans and leather jackets-leather jackets that have long been loved by girls to form a figure. In the summer heat, you should no longer dress in short shorts, mini-skirts with buttons on the front.

Styles you should forget about this summer

Sometimes a fashion for a certain style is held for several seasons, but not for dresses and skirts with a high cut : they need to be hidden immediately in the far corner of the wardrobe.

This also needs to be done with things decorated with basques .

Asymmetric cut is another antitrend this summer.

The same applies to the wavy edge of products - it has lost its relevance.

Choosing new items for your summer wardrobe, this season it is better to abandon blouses, dresses and blouses with fitted sleeves - they are not in fashion now.

Mini-length clothes today seem to be trite, vulgar and unfashionable, replaced by midi and maxi dresses, sundresses, skirts.

Outdated colors and prints

That in 1985, that in 2019 the basic palette of colors (white, black, pastel shades of all the colors of the rainbow) does not lose its relevance, everything else in the fashion world is very changeable.

Color antitrends

Those who do not want to become the object of ridicule among fashionistas should immediately get rid of the following clothing colors:

  • Metallic
  • Bright colors (burning yellow, raspberry and other saturated shades) this year, although they are present, they are clearly giving way to muted pastel colors.

REFERENCE! Caution should be taken with neon. Individual neon elements can become a minimalist highlight, but not the main focus of the image.

Thinking over the image, it is important not to miss the mark with a successful combination of colors, since this summer the total black is a definitive antitrend . That is, this classic and with everything combining color is better to be diluted with actual pastel shades of brown .


If we talk about prints, fashionistas this summer should not be overly carried away by geometry in clothes, as well as animal prints. But if such motifs are present on some part or as a decoration of clothes, you will look fashionable.

IMPORTANT! We'll have to part with embroidery, which until now has been used very actively.

Shoes that became unfashionable in 2019

Uggs are the main antitrend of this spring, which no longer has a place in a fashionable winter wardrobe. Following the uggs, ankle boots with a fitted top withdrew from the fashion catwalks.

And if in the spring wardrobe of this year there is no more place for ankle boots, then in summer it is worth forgetting about low-slippers and slippers decorated with a fur edge, ballet flats with a rounded toe and arrowroots (sneakers on a high wedge).

Accessories: what details will ruin the image

The most used women's accessory - a bag - changes its appearance this spring, sending very small backpacks and large "bananas" to the past that adorned the lower backs of girls in past seasons.

The list of jewelry “antitrend-2019” includes inconspicuous chokers, which this summer is better to replace with a laconic sotuar.

IMPORTANT! Women who follow fashion should remember the most important rule for creating a stylish image: this season, as in several previous ones, there is no need to strictly combine shoes with a bag in color, style, material.

Modern fashion is changeable, but changes in waves. What was forgotten yesterday may well become super-relevant tomorrow. Therefore, having ceased to wear antitrends-2019, hide them in a closet with the hope that after a few seasons couturiers will remember them again.