The most ridiculous things in luxury stores

Often wealthy people who already have everything make ridiculous purchases. In most cases, these are ordinary things, covered with precious stones, bones of prehistoric animals and other materials. Consider the most absurd things for which considerable sums were paid.

Ludicrous luxury accessories

Bag in the form of a basket with flowers. Dolce & Gabbana created a unique basket-shaped bag filled with red roses. The model will appeal to flower lovers. However, they are made of rubber. A bag can be bought for 432 thousand rubles.

Hermes Birkin bag with diamonds. Accessories of this brand symbolize status and high position in society. Millions of women dream of an ordinary model, the price of which starts at 7 thousand dollars. A crocodile bag with gold and diamond inlay was sold at Christie's in 2016. The buyer preferred to remain anonymous and paid $ 300, 168 for the product. Today, this bag is the most expensive ever bought at auction.

Important! Hermes Birkin bag has over 200 diamonds.

Phone bag. The clutch of the American brand Judith Leiber Couture looks like a mobile phone. Fashion critics nicknamed him the "Paris Hilton-style telephone." You can purchase an accessory for about 448 thousand rubles.

Pendant with Stewie Griffin. When Justin Bieber was 17 years old, he ordered a pair of jewelry with diamonds and colorful rubies. One of them was a Stuart figurine from the cartoon "Family Guy". However, the suspension on the singer was extremely rare.

Wrist Watch. Watches Chopard Super Ice Cube watches are the most expensive in the world and cost 1.13 million dollars. The item is encrusted with 66.16 carats of diamonds.

Extravagant clothes, shoes and accessories attract with their inaccessibility and exclusivity. Most of the people in the world will not be able to purchase the presented items even for an annual salary. However, wealthy people like to please themselves with such an exclusive.

Clothing not designed to be worn

Gold shirt. In 2013, Dutta Phug, an Indian, became the owner of a pure gold shirt. Its cost was 250 thousand dollars. The product was developed by fifteen jewelers who weaved gold threads for about two weeks. As a result, the thing weighed about 3 kg. Then Datta Phug ordered a few more jewelry.

Attention! At present, the whereabouts of the gold shirt is not known. In 2016, the owner was beaten to death due to financial disagreements.

Wedding Dress. The most expensive wedding dress was presented in 2006 at the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal Show. It was decorated with diamonds weighing 150 carats. The cost of the exclusive is 12 million dollars.

Dress from jeans. Denim clothing is always at the peak of popularity. The Japanese brand Junya Watanabe used old jeans to create the dress. The model is advised to combine with jeans and a white T-shirt. You can buy a dress for about 202 thousand rubles.

Sequin dress created by American designer Tom Brown. It is made in yellow and blue colors, has an interesting ornament. It can be worn on a summer party in nature or for a walk along the sea coast. The cost of the dress is 671, 500 rubles.

Jeans. There are the most expensive jeans in the world. They are sold by the Neiman Marcus store. The model is decorated with Swarovski crystals and costs about 10 thousand dollars.


Sneakers with interesting decor. This is another masterpiece from Dolce & Gabbana. Sneakers with a fancy sole and lots of jewelry: pompoms, rhinestones, coins and flowers. The price is about 85 thousand rubles higher than the price of ordinary sneakers of the same brand. They look unusual, but finding a suitable bow for them is quite difficult.

The most expensive sneakers in the world. Well-known designer Ken Courtney created five pairs of Nike Dunks sneakers. The item is noteworthy in that it is coated with gold. The cost of a pair is 4053 dollars.

Sandals from the watch. Spectacular sandals from golden watches were released by the fashion house Giuseppe Zanotti in Italy. The theme of time remains one of the favorite among famous fashion houses. The model can be bought for about 113, 000 rubles.