The most profitable types of needlework

Do you have an interesting hobby? Dreaming of finding extra income? Feel free to combine business with pleasure! Indeed, nothing increases self-esteem so much as a worthy reward for creative work.

TOP 10 profitable crafts

Mankind knows many varieties of applied art. Hand-made crafts will bring real cosiness to the interior of your home, and warm sweaters and original jewelry will please friends and relatives .

Having perfected their favorite technique to the smallest detail, some decide to transfer it to a source of family income. And this has its advantages.

1. Handmade jewelry

Not only women, but also men are not averse to acquiring a unique designer jewelry for themselves . Such products give the image an individuality, and you will never get lost in the crowd.

Natural stones, beads of various sizes, multi-colored beads, plastic sheets and leather shreds are usually used as materials for needlewomen .

For work you will need: fishing line, locks, wire.

Handmade products made of polymer clay are very popular with customers, featuring natural color and a multi-colored palette.

This inexpensive raw material allows you to create pretty beautiful little things in the form of all kinds of magnets, key rings, photo frames, decorative elements of the interior, floral arrangements and even elegant dolls.

Beading is also highly regarded. This very painstaking work requires a lot of time and attention, but you certainly will not regret the effort expended.

2. Sewing to order

This is the most profitable type of needlework . If you are confident in your skills and feel the ability to run a business, get to work without hesitation.

The most important thing is to get customers . The easiest way to post ads is not far from home and next to fashion boutiques. Turn on word of mouth will allow simple operations to shorten trousers and sew buttons on jackets and coats. You can try yourself in the manufacture of soft toys, dolls, bags, furniture covers .

The most favorable solution for a start will be sewing bedding and accessories for the kitchen .

The advantages are obvious:

  • fabrics are inexpensive;
  • work does not require a lot of time;
  • maximum simplicity even for beginner seamstresses.

It’s a little more difficult to make curtains: a dense material requires good skill . But "the game is worth the candle." Buying the finished product of the right size is often quite difficult. Therefore, housewives prefer to sew them on an individual order.

Advice! It is most profitable to perfectly master a wide range of services for tailoring not only men's and women's clothing, but also outfits for pets.

3. Knitting

Things crocheted or knitted are always fashionable and beautiful.

With great pleasure, future moms and dads buy them . Items for newborns made of natural threads are in great demand - all kinds of booties, colorful hats, lace blouses.

A mandatory attribute of modern fashionistas is comfortable winter sets of hats and gloves .

Original soft pillows for a sofa and a car, children's toys, handbags, phone cases, napkins are selling well.

4. Educational toys for sale

Their high price does not always guarantee good quality and desired functionality. And only after becoming a mother, you can understand what the child really needs .

To make a toy on your own, you need to stock up with buttons, laces, cotton cloth, adhesive tape.

Initially, many women do this "for themselves . " But, having achieved high professionalism, they understand that this hobby can be quite a profitable business. Indeed, other parents want to have the same “smart” toys for their children.

5. Custom embroidery

This is a great way to make money. A great advantage is the many technical techniques. By embroidering with cross, stitch, satin ribbons, soutache, beads, you can create beautiful panels, pillows and portraits of people, natural landscapes, decorate women's handbags and clothes for babies .

6. Felting

In other words, the creation of original felted toys . The main plus is the high quality of natural wool products.

For work you will need: multi-colored wool, needles used for dry felting, padding from synthetic winterizer, beads of different sizes, felting agent or liquid soap.

7. Scrapbooking to order

Fashion trend specializing in decorating photo albums . The basis for work is paper. The number of people wishing to purchase such stylish "little things" created according to an individual sketch does not decrease.

Unusual boxes like “mother’s treasures” are very popular, where loving parents keep their priceless relics: the first curved lock of a baby, his beloved pacifier, tiny booties.

8. Dolls for sale

This gift can pleasantly surprise both children and adults. The increase in sales is directly related to the offered assortment. It is better if several types of dolls are presented at once :

  • "Bigfoots" in the style of minimalism: the main focus is on clothing, and on the face are only bead eyes.
  • “Pumpkinheads” - are distinguished by a special shape of the head and a clearly designed face. According to the wishes of the client, you can even give him a certain emotion. The legs are slightly bent, the clothes and hairstyle are perfectly made.
  • “Tilda” - developed by Norwegian designer Tony Finnanger, is quite simple to manufacture.

9. Production of leather goods

Leather is always at the peak of popularity. It has good quality and durability. An important advantage of the material is its versatility. Durable belts, elegant bags, fashionable jackets are enjoyed by both men and women, regardless of the season.

Choosing this activity for yourself, you will have to work hard to gain the necessary skills and experience. But then be sure that you will definitely not be left without work. Consumer demand for such products is invariably high.

Connoisseurs of manual labor are very fond of buying all kinds of jewelry, panels and other accessories.

A big plus is that raw materials in the form of used things are inexpensive.

10. Macrame

Skillful weaving of threads and knots requires a lot of patience and accuracy. Nevertheless, almost everyone can master macrame. The hands of the master are able to turn any cord or suitable thread into a real masterpiece.

As a rule, no buyer can pass by intricate cache-pot pendants, exclusive jewelry (necklaces, bracelets), unusual curtains and curtains, all kinds of screens, rugs, bedspreads, lampshades, stylish handbags and shopping carts.

Tips for selling your needlework

The ability to sell your product is the most important component of any business . There are two main ways:

  1. Online sales through online resources: the creation of groups and albums in social networks, promotion through reposts and virtual exhibitions.
  2. Offline sales to friends and family, participation in hand-made city fairs.

Develop, improve your skills, master new manual techniques, and then you are guaranteed a good additional income. And the ability to combine business with pleasure is sure to give you great pleasure.