Most popular glasses

With the onset of summer, sunglasses are relevant. This is not only eye protection, but also a stylish accessory that adds mystery. They are incredibly popular among women and even men. It is easy to radically transform any image with stylish glasses. When choosing, you should take into account the basic style of clothing, the type of person, as well as the quality of the selected glasses.

Fashion glasses 2019/20

In hot summers, bright frames and glasses are ideal for women, and for the cool ones - sun glasses that are more restrained in style and colors.

Consider the most popular models of glasses 2019/20.

Cat's eye

Original glasses in the shape of a cat's eyes quickly fell in love with all fashionistas. This is the perfect solution for a stylish look.

They add elegance to romantic bows and even business suits . You will be feminine and irresistible in any outfit with these accessories.


Brave girls and boys will choose, no doubt, round glasses . Manufacturers produce discreet metal frames, as well as large. The colors are also completely different, the mirrored ones are especially spectacular, so there is a large selection for mods.

Of interest are the "telescopes", which generally change the perception of the world.

Round glasses adore rappers, hippies, etc.


Again the trend is oversized glasses, they can be in thin or wide frames with large glasses of different colors.

These accessories will bring originality and some rudeness, look defiant and attractive.

They are available in various versions: square, oval, round or rectangular .

“Chip” 2019/20 - the huge size of the frames, round expressively called “dragonfly”.

Sci fi

Hit 2019/20 - extraordinary sci-fi models, they seemed to come out of the movie “The Matrix”.

Colored glass and a frame with decor make them unique, transforming the whole image.

They are ideal for sports style, especially in neon color.


Models with a jumper can be of different shapes and colors.


For many years this model has been in demand, suitable for both women and men. These "droplets" go to many, so they are always in demand due to their versatility.

Manufacturers are making changes in the model of aviators. If earlier the accessories were in a frame made of metal and with brown (black) lenses, now they produce colored, mirror lenses and frames from different materials.


Weifarers are considered classics, the optimal shape is always in fashion .

They can be made of plastic or animal horns.

Colors of frames and lenses

Sunglasses with mirrored glasses are popular this season . They look spectacular, reflecting the glare of the sun.

They look tender in a metal frame, but are available in horn frames and plastic with prints (marbled, polka dot, striped).

A new offer of manufacturers - a color frame only from the bottom.

A fashionable version of ombre - shades go from light to dark . Unusual colors of glasses give a special charm to the owner.

For bold red lenses with which you can experiment in different images. They look especially extraordinary in round models, but there are also in aviators and others.

Spectacular even for daily wear, blue mirrored glass . They fit perfectly into any bow.

Designers decorated stylish glasses, now we can see the original decor on the frames . It can be different colors, rhinestones, etc.

Modern designers offer different models for every taste. Now it’s easy to pick up glasses not only for any style, face shape, but just for the sake of variety, for an excellent mood. Today is red, tomorrow is blue, then green glasses, and at the weekend - marble or polka dots!

Do not be afraid of experiments!