The most fashionable pendants: what to wear on a chain in 2019

Any woman knows: the décolleté zone always attracts attention ! Therefore, decorations in this area are very important. Pendants and pendants not only have to be in trend, but - ideally - also emphasize the individuality of the image.

2019 fashion trends for jewelry

This year's slogan is femininity and conciseness ! Jewelry and jewelry with small but expressive pendants and pendants can be worn both in a single version and in combination. But the combination should be as contrasting as possible: different-sized links of chains, chains and leather cords, stones and plastic, wood and pearls.

What will be in trend

  • Shine and radiance. Rhinestones, rhinestone, semiprecious stones ! Yes, sometimes you don’t need real diamonds, you will look fashionable and relevant with such pendants!

  • Chokers. But this is a risky choice. Leather threads with letters that make up names, brands, slogans will be trendy . The material is rhinestones. Other - the antitrend is now, and in the autumn-winter season it will be completely off topic.

  • Motives of nature . Gucci and Lanvin present lovely metal birds in their collections.

  • Pearls . No need to grumble that pearls are a jewelry for women of Balzac age and older (after 30). Jewelry designers strongly disagree! On pendants and pendants, both natural and artificial pearls look great .

  • Amulets and other pagan symbols. If you like this theme, you are in trend! Metal, wood, rhinestones. Kolovrat, runes, zodiac signs - all this in the subject!

IMPORTANT! A pendant with a rune next to a cross or a Buddha image is not fashionable, but stupid.

Pendants and pendants relevant in 2019

This year's fashion trends are simply unimaginable scope for imagination, any image.


Nature is an inexhaustible source of beauty. Pendants in the form of snakes, lizards, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, birds and big birds, flowers, leaves of various plants are relevant . The more expressive their form, the more interesting.

Jewelers and jewelry masters use the most curious forms of leaves - oak, maple, birch .

If you don’t like natural motifs, oval-shaped jewelry pendants in the shape of an egg are also relevant today.

IMPORTANT! Egg-shaped pendants and pendants must be silver or gold. And quite massive, best of all - voluminous! They should create the impression that some kind of “secret” is hidden in them.

Flat models look completely inexpressive.

The medallions as pendants again became popular.

No less fashionable and coins ! Even one such pendant will add relevance to your image.


But don't insist on diamonds ! And in general, forget the vulgar stamp about "girls' best friends." Diamonds are not friends with girls! Read a classic book or watch a movie: “Diamonds combine with gray hair and old relics.”

In retro fashion - is it not a secret for you that fashion goes in circles? You can look very stylish if you wear pendants and pendants made of silver with natural stones: turquoise, jasper, garnet . Gems look especially beautiful if they overlap with the trend of "nature"!

How to wear

Minimalism is relevant - both “jewelry” and jewelry should meet the trend! If you do not like redundancy in jewelry, simple pendants and pendants of small sizes and with an elegant, not flashy color scheme - for you.

The combination of symmetry and asymmetry is in fashion. The trend will be interesting for those who love shocking and risk!

Creating a fashionable bow with pendants and pendants is easy. Just one massive, eye-catching pendant - possibly of irregular shape - and the adjacent geometric pendants.

TIP! Pick not by form, but by subject. Not always round is combined with oval, more often direct - with a broken line.

And this information is for those who love massive jewelry. If the pendant is really big and has a pronounced personality, do not spoil the impression with unnecessary details! They can become several chains with other pendants.

And keep in mind that such an eye-catching accessory unwittingly “submits ” to itself the rest, less noticeable, in particular, earrings and rings. This is especially important to consider if you put on a pendant with a stone - a large and noticeable gem.

IMPORTANT! Remember the combination of jewelry and clothing - fabric matters!

Light summer fabric of a sarafan or trouser suit with a gold chain with a large gem hanging on it ... only an office trouser suit with a choker in the form of a leather string with a talisman is worse!

May the taste be with you, dear beauties of any age!