The most fashionable jeans of the fall-2019

Jeans are the most versatile clothing that is out of fashion and always trendy. The main thing is to choose the most relevant styles and harmoniously fit them into your existing wardrobe. Stylists offer several options for jeans for the fall-winter 2019 season.

Styles that are fashionable in 2019

In the cold season, jeans fit perfectly with images with parkas, down jackets, warm jackets and feminine coats. They can be worn with sneakers and boots on a flat stroke, as well as pick up stylish ankle boots or even over the knee boots. It all depends on the image and the style of the woman.

Important! The main thing for women is to choose several pairs of jeans that are suitable in shape and style, which can later be combined with different wardrobe items and create a variety of sets for every day.

The most relevant styles in the fall-winter 2019 season, fashion designers consider:

  • wide jeans;
  • flare;
  • asymmetric cut;
  • baggy;
  • Ombre jeans
  • Carpenter's jeans.

Girls should try on several options for themselves and choose a style that most successfully emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. It is also very important to compare jeans with your existing wardrobe so that you do not have to buy a large number of things that are suitable in style.


Many designers this year presented a wide selection of wide jeans for women of all ages. This is the perfect solution for creating a stylish look for every day. They help to hide existing figure flaws and emphasize advantages.

In addition, wide, spacious jeans do not constrain movement and fit perfectly into any wardrobe. Wide models with patch pockets are especially popular. This part gives even more volume to the item and looks ultramodern.


Flared jeans are trending again. These are cult denim pants that became a real hit in the 80s of the last century. Today they are slightly modified. Fashion designers offer to wear the most elongated models.

The edge of the jeans should cover the shoes almost completely. Most often, stylists recommend wearing a flare with sandals on a heel or wedge, ankle boots or platform shoes. This is a great opportunity to visually make the legs longer and the silhouette refined.


An unusual novelty in the fashion world - asymmetric jeans - this is a unique opportunity to diversify your image, to make it more noticeable. Such denim pants are suitable for mischievous and relaxed girls who do not care about the opinions of others.

You can purchase a simple model with an asymmetric edge, where the turn on one leg will be larger than the other. And you can decide on unusual trousers with one narrow and one wide leg. This model looks very ambiguous and always attracts the views of others.


The era of leggings and ultra-tight juggins is a thing of the past. Today, the trend is comfort and complete freedom of movement. Baggy jeans will give this freedom and enable a woman to easily move around without worrying about trifles.

Important! Despite the trend, the style looks rather bulky on girls with any type of figure. Before buying it is better to carefully try on a thing and evaluate its reflection in the mirror. Jeans should not look heavy and make the figure down-to-earth and round.

Baggy denim trousers look great in a sporty style, but feminine looks can also be made using high-heeled shoes and elegant blouses. Before creating a fashion set, it is better to turn your eyes to the proposals that eminent designers gave out, drawing from the shows all the best.

Ombre jeans

Light colors and a smooth transition from light to darker shade - this is not only the prerogative of the summer season. This fall, these jeans will be in trend. Stylists suggest choosing various models of light shades, the ombre on which is located not only on the legs, but also on the belt.

Carpenter Jeans

The “highlight” of such a thing is the large pockets, as if in a suit of a carpenter or auto mechanic. Sometimes there may even be several. This model goes well with a sporty look.

Girls feel light and free, moving comfortably in rather spacious jeans. It should be understood that such an image will look quite brutal. Therefore, it is recommended to select the appropriate wardrobe items and accessories that there is no dissonance.

Fashionable jeans colors in 2019

The color scheme of jeans that will be relevant in the fall of 2019 is extensive. Here are models from white to light blue and from dark blue to completely black. Trendy ombre trousers suggest a smooth transition from pastel to darker.

Each girl will be able to choose a shade to her taste. And let the woman not be stopped by the outdated fact that light-colored jeans are worn exclusively in the warm season. All these are old installations. Today, light denim pants look great in winter with down jackets or in autumn with a coat. The main thing is to choose the right wardrobe.