The most fashionable colors of fall-2019

Most of the summer was left behind, and September is close at hand ... So, it's time to take care of the autumn wardrobe. Perfectly seated items from the latest collections - great! But this is not enough. Clothing color plays an important role in creating an image . And it can also be fashionable! Yes, there is a fashion for colors! We will tell you what shades you need to pay attention to first.

12 actual colors of fall 2019

We have a dozen shades at our disposal! Their diversity will allow you to choose the perfect look even for the most demanding fashionistas.

How color becomes fashionable

Many people wonder, and who comes up with the main color of the year? Who dictates to us what shades will be popular in this or that season? Let’s explain how everything happens.

The American company Pantone is the most famous and recognized expert in the whole world.

Reference! This institute gives advice on fashionable shades of the year or season. These recommendations are a guide to action in the chain "designer - manufacturer - seller - buyer".

From early spring, company experts begin to analyze and collect information on color trends in the world of art, fashion and design. They study photos on social networks, street style, and also conduct other research work.

Based on the data obtained, those shades are predicted that will be most relevant in the coming season or year.

The company's experts come up with capacious and beautiful names for relevant nuances, for example, “azure”, “radiant orchid”, “chili pepper”, “blue turquoise”. These names cause a certain association, so you can easily imagine every shade.

Reference! The main color of the current year was Living Coral - living coral. This is a bright, cheerful, soft color reminiscent of a gentle warm sea.

And the main one in the coming year has already been declared blue.

Fashionable colors of fall 2019

Well, now let's move on to our dozen.

Chili pepper color

Chili Pepper - This is a deep, exciting and exciting scarlet . He will add piquancy to any image.

Suitable for all warm colors .

Reference! It is ideally combined with brown, beige, burgundy and bicycle red.

Many fashionistas will appreciate the tandem of "chili peppers" with delicate pink shades.

The color of the red bicycle is a noble dark burgundy color that will make you feel like a queen.

Beautiful in all types of fabrics: velvet, velor, chiffon, leather, wool. On thin flowing tissues it will give red, in the skin - a brown tint.

Reference! It is combined with many colors: pink, beige, blue, gray.

Peach Cream Color

Crème de Pêche personifies youth, openness and femininity. A delicate pinkish color is beautiful, and asks for a bride's outfit.

Reference! Combines with purple, azure, beige, lead, coral, brown.

The color of pink peach

Peach Pink already contains more orange undertones than in the previous sample. The color of youth, delicate and romantic.

Dresses, cardigans, blouses, sweaters of this color will decorate the autumn wardrobe.

Pink peach with white is a perfect match.

Reference! It is combined with beige, brown, pink, lavender shades.

The color of a motley (or fruit) dove

Fruit Dove is also called "the white turtledove, caught in the rays of the setting sun." This is a bright and saturated pink color, which seemed to be slightly diluted with white .

Reference! Ideal with cycling red, gray, blue, green. An extravagant and luxurious combination with black.

Rocky road color

Rocky Road - reliable and solid, like the earth itself, a deep brown color.

Reference! A solid and noble shade is combined with all beige, lead, blue, gold, yellow, orange.

Ideal for outerwear and business suits.

Sugar Almond Color

Sugar Almond - a delicious caramel shade that will not leave anyone indifferent. Chic leather clothes, flying chiffon dresses, velor suits, hats, belts and other elements of the wardrobe in this brown undertones will create a unique image.

Reference! It is combined with all twelve fashionable autumn shades.

Dark Cheddar Color

Dark Cheddar has concentrated the entire yellow-orange spectrum of sunlight . A bold, harsh and bold autumn color.

Reference! Combines with all shades of blue, lavender, purple, emerald, brown tones.

Blue and pink colors give the clothes an original Boho style.

Galactic blue

Galaxy Blue is a bottomless deep and rich shade of blue . He seemed to come to us from outer space.

Reference! Ideal for monoluk, and in contrast with pastel and light colors that soften the intensity of the blue.

Ideal for wardrobe in a business style.

The color of copper sulfate (or blue stone)

Bluestone is a calm, light- hearted, cool blue-blue color with the addition of gray .

Reference! It goes well with silver, gray and muted shades. Original contrasts in clothes with black and white.

And such fur products look especially luxurious.

Orange tiger color

Orange Tiger - energetic and hot, like a stream of the sun. Able to disperse the autumn blues and warm in the winter cold. A bright orange hue is slightly muffled so as not to burn.

He is very good in clothes made of suede and fur, in thick sweaters, jeans and sportswear.

Reference! Ideal with yellow, blue, beige, burgundy.

The color of the green forest

Eden - a rich, rich and majestic shade of dark green color.

Leather clothes, dresses, suits, ethno-style outfits, shoes and other wardrobe elements of this “forest” shade will dilute autumn yellowness.

Important! The shades proposed by Pantone this fall are a perfect match.

4 tones for the base

The mini-palette of basic shades, recommended for the fall, is presented in four colors. They can create an image on their own or act as the basis for creating various combinations, including contrasting ones.

Vanilla cream color

Vanilla Custard - delicate white, with creamy cream undertones, delicate and airy. Pastel, calm and unobtrusive in clothes.

Classic costumes, dresses and skirts of this shade will form the basis of any wardrobe. Combined with all colors of the palette.

Blue evening color

Evening Blue is a darker, deeper and more saturated shade than Galactic blue . Gives calm, authority and firmness.

It will make an excellent base for business-style clothing and will become an independent color for luxurious evening dresses.

Combines with all the shades of the dozen presented. The classic combination of “white top - dark bottom” is the best suited for Evening Blue. Good in club and sports style, combined with cycling red.

The color of the dove (or dove)

Paloma - it would seem the simplest gray shade . However, the clothes of this color look very elegant, unobtrusive and aristocratic.

Cozy outerwear, a thick sweater, a woolen skirt, dress pants in this color will warm you in the winter cold.


Guacamole is the color of the original avocado appetizer. It is not known where a particle of summer fell into a calm neutral autumn palette. This refreshing avocado color goes well with all the shades of the dozen presented and will dispel autumn melancholy and winter melancholy.

Outerwear, fur and leather products, woolen dresses and costumes will appeal to fashionistas this season.

Do not forget about the rules of color compatibility and their balance. And then your image will be harmonious and pleasant for others.