The most expensive sneakers

Expensive and branded things always look especially attractive, rich, effective. This applies even to such simple, at first glance, shoes as sneakers.

Brand expensive sneakers

Today we’ll talk about sneakers. To begin, consider the top 5 most famous and expensive brands in this field.

5th place. Aquazur

Edgardo Osorio - the founder of the AQUAZZURA brand, has always dreamed of making people better. And, choosing the path of fashion, he made the best choice on the way to his goal. AQUAZZURA is rightfully considered one of the sexiest female brands. Not so long ago, a special collection for children in Florence was released.

4th place. Chloe

The French fashion house, famous for creating not only a unique design of clothes, but also a unique perfumery. Another case is known when, in 2018, the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater, in the ballet production “And when the day passed”, performed in clothes created by Chloe designers, and this is already an important indicator.

3rd place. Gucci

Recently gaining more and more popularity, the Italian fashion house - Gucci, is undoubtedly familiar to everyone who is even a little interested in fashion and not only. It makes no sense to crumble about one of the most popular fashion houses in the world, but it is worth noting an important fact: Not so long ago, Gucci completely abandoned the use of natural fur, in support of environmental protection.

2nd place. BUSCEMI

The silver place is occupied by a truly golden brand - BUSCEMI. What are some unique sneakers decorated with diamonds. Their cost reached 132 thousand dollars! Yes, BUSCEMI does not spend money on advertising, as other brands do, which does not prevent it from remaining a manufacturer of truly luxurious shoes.

1st place. Christian louboutin

It's not hard to guess that Louboutin will be the most expensive brand at the moment. Who else in the world does not know the specific feature of this fashion designer’s shoes, in the form of a red sole? Christian Louboutin, who has already become a classic indicator of taste and luxury, does not hesitate to experiment, decorating shoes with exotic leathers, handmade lace, and, of course, rhinestones.

The most expensive famous sneakers to date

Sneakers have become an integral part of club life. This is not just shoes, it is style and fashion. There is no doubt that sooner or later in this field there will appear both cheap models for everyone and expensive Luxury models that can only be afforded by the “powers of this world”.

For example, Gucci brand silver sneakers with a solid glitter finish, decorated with a pearl brooch, will cost you 66, 000 rubles.

At the same time, white AQUAZZURA sneakers from the new collection with silver rivets will cost a fashionista 47, 000 rubles.

But Christian Louboutin sneakers made of pink leather, with a scattering of small crystals and rep edging will cost the buyer 134500 rubles.

But all records are beaten by exclusive sneakers for rapper Big Boi, who in 2007 ordered them from Laced Up. Decorated with diamonds of 11 carats, the value of these sneakers exceeds 50 thousand dollars.