The most expensive shoes in the world

In our time of serious financial instability, most fashionistas and fashionistas have to systematically get out, wanting to look decent and not go broke completely. Most noticeably, this affects shoes : among experienced buyers, in pursuit of the desired pair from leading designers, it has long been customary to track the periods of seasonal sales and discounts.

Expecting a few percent of the initial cost, we rejoice at an inexpensive purchase, without even thinking that somewhere there are shoes at the price of a good apartment in Moscow and even more expensive. What should such models look like and what should they be sewn from? We will discuss this later.

What is the most expensive shoe in the world?

So, what do you need to create shoes from today, so that it would cost several million to pay for them? Of the gems! And if you surround them with a legend, adding a few stories from our childhood dreams? And if the creator is a famous shoe designer, whose work is highly valued among the richest people on our planet?

The result is Ellie's unsurpassed red shoes, created by Ronald Winston for the fiftieth anniversary of the movie The Wizard of Oz, adored by the Americans. And if the original actress’s boats, trimmed with rhinestones, cost no more than several hundred, then the anniversary option, fully decorated with real rubies in the amount of 4, 600 pieces and a total weight of 1, 350 carats, with the addition of diamonds, was sold at an auction for $ 3, 000, 000 in 2010 .

However, Ellie's magical red shoes are not the most expensive examples of shoe chic. “The larger the model, the more jewels it can be decorated with, ” apparently the Belgian designers of the fashion house A.F. Vandervorst created boots decorated with a forty-thousand-pound scattering of the rarest multi-colored diamonds and a five-kilogram gold trim. The price of this miracle amounted to 3, 180, 000 dollars.

Surprisingly, the cost of the most expensive shoes created in the 19th century does not exceed half a million dollars. A pair of ceremonial shoes of the Indian prince Nizami Sikandra Jahu inlaid with diamonds and rubies is estimated by specialists at 210 thousand. Strange, but even the historical value of rare book did not save from such a "low" cost.

Rating of the most expensive shoes in the world

If in the previous part we talked about exclusive models released in a single copy, and which hardly anyone will wear even for very important events, now I want to pay attention to shoes, which, despite its sky-high price, are used for their “intended purpose” ".

Sport shoes

Gold High Dunk sneakers, which Nike offered for $ 5, 405 and had no end to those who wanted to buy this miracle. The model attracted attention with the rich golden color of both the shoe itself and its laces.

Basketball sneakers Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1, created by the same company Nike in 2005 in a limited edition of 25 pieces, were already sold for $ 30, 000. The design of these models is interesting. Images of cities such as:

  • New York;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Chicago;
  • Dallas.

On the wooden packaging of the product was a map of the city corresponding to the image on the model.

Air Force 1 diamond sneakers, again released by Nike, sell for $ 50, 000. Such a price for sports shoes is determined by the golden logo of the company decorated with diamonds, whose weight is 11 carats.

The most expensive sports shoes are Nike boots purchased at auction by soccer player John Terry for $ 218, 000. Their design was white gold, black diamonds and sapphires. Made only three copies of such a miracle. The other two went to Terry's football team mates Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. Revenues from three pairs amounted to 623, 000 dollars.

Men's shoes

Shoes Phil. French brand Aubercy, specializing in men's shoes, creates chic black shoes made of genuine leather with socks decorated with diamonds in the form of a unique pattern that is laid out in accordance with the choice of the customer. Each pair is performed individually and is characterized by increased comfort. The approximate price of $ 4, 510, the final price depends on the size of the customer’s legs and the number of diamonds on the model.

Manhattan Richelieu. Handmade shoes made of luxury crocodile leather from the French company Louis Vuitton were an example of a successful combination of strength and softness, as well as a classic style. Their price was $ 10, 000.

Moro Monk Strap. Shoes by Italian shoe manufacturer Amadeo Testoni made from alligator leather with goatskin and linen interior trim. Thanks to the special treatment, such shoes do not get wet. They are decorated with a gold buckle with diamonds. The cost of the pair is 38, 000 dollars.

The highest price for men's shoes is $ 2, 000, 000. These were shoes decorated with 14, 000 diamonds weighing 350 carats in white gold, made specifically for the American talent show.

Women's shoes

Nevertheless, the most expensive pleasure is to decorate ladies' legs. The three most expensive women's shoes are:

Sandals "Platinum Guild" worth $ 1, 090, 000 from the great shoe designer Stuart Weizmann. In their creation, expensive platinum and 450 diamonds were used.

Ruby sandals for 1, 600, 000 of the same Weizmann are decorated with 650 rubies and platinum inserts.

Cinderella's Shoes, valued at $ 2, 000, 000 from Stuart Weizmann, were created from diamonds, led by a unique amaretto-colored stone and valued at 1, 000, 000.

Brands producing very expensive men's and women's shoes

As a rule, exclusive copies priced at several million dollars have a specific author. However, along with them there are companies specializing in the production of very expensive products. It is about them that will be discussed later.

  • The world famous company Christian Louboutin is the author of one of the most recognizable shoe models. It is difficult not to recognize her high heel and red sole, even among the variety of choices. Despite the high price of products, this brand is one of the most popular in the world.
  • Manolo Blahnik is Carrie Bradshaw's favorite designer from the movie Sex and the City. This brand is included in the list of the most expensive global manufacturers of shoes. His products adorn both precious materials and successful design decisions.
  • Louis Vuitton is the oldest manufacturer of shoes, bags and accessories in the world. His activity began in 1854 and still holds the leading positions in the fashion market in Europe and America. Products with the logo of this brand are an indicator of the status and income of the owner.
  • Gucci is a brand known since 1921, not only with fashionable shoes, but with clothes and accessories. This manufacturer sees its mission in opening new horizons, therefore it is famous for experimental models using new ideas and materials.
  • Valentino is a brand founded in the 70s of the XX century. Initially, his calling card was the creation of exclusive dresses at sky-high prices; later on, the company switched to manufacturing no less expensive but popular shoes.
  • And finally, one cannot ignore such a brand as Chanel, known throughout the world for its creator of the unrivaled Mademoiselle Coco. This brand has been associated with luxury for about a hundred years. The cost of some models of shoes may exceed 2 thousand dollars.

Despite all the pretentiousness and chic of expensive shoe models, life shows that the historical value of things is much higher than the value laid down in them by the manufacturer. Because the most expensive pair of shoes in world history were the ordinary boots of Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zayedi, thrown at American President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference on December 14, 2008. Subsequently, they were bought for $ 10, 000, 000.

Of course, it would be nice to join the world in which the cost of a pair of shoes cheaper than several thousand dollars does not cause consumer interest . However, everyone knows that happiness is not measured by the amount of money and branded things. If you and your loved ones are healthy, if you have a favorite job and friends - you can be happy barefoot! Anyway, in the summer on the beach - for sure!