The most expensive dress in the world

Famous fashion designers and celebrities love to invent luxury goods. Some create outfits, the cost of which is shocking. Over the course of the history of fashion, overly expensive dresses have been created. In this article, we will figure out which dress is the most expensive in the world.

Which dress is the most expensive

The first place in all ratings in terms of cost and luxury is the Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur dress. Its creator is the Malaysian fashion designer Faisal Abdullah, who presented his creation at the fashion festival in 2009. The cost of the product is $ 30 million . Such a high price is due to its materials and decor. The outfit is made of natural silk and taffeta. It has a long train, many folds of fabric, pleating, shoulder strap on one shoulder. Color - rich burgundy. But its main wealth is the scattering of diamonds over the entire surface. A total of 751 gems adorn him. They vary in size and cost. The most valuable exhibit is a pear-shaped diamond weighing 70 carats, adorning the bodice. The long train is also embroidered with small precious stones. Before demonstrating this outfit, the models had to train a lot to demonstrate the product in the best way.

TOP 10 expensive outfits

Product worth $ 17.6 million . Abaya is a national dress of Muslims. The creator is the English fashion designer Debbie Wingham. Cut:

  • small V-neck;
  • fitted style;
  • long straight skirt;
  • strict silhouette;
  • long sleeves;
  • Cape
  • color: black with red accents (stripes, flowers).

The decor is of the greatest value: 2 thousand diamonds adorn it. Gemstones of several varieties: white, black and rare, the most expensive, red. The drawings on the product are embroidered manually using diamonds and gold threads. The presentation of a luxurious outfit took place at an elite hotel in Dubai in 2013.

Wedding outfit worth $ 12 million . The creators are Rene Strauss (designer) and Martin Katz (jeweler). His presentation took place at one of the wedding fashion shows in Los Angeles in 2006. Style - “mermaid”: tight-fitting cut, but a flared, not very magnificent skirt appears on the knee line. The product has no straps, is decorated with a long transparent veil. Decor - a scattering of diamonds with a total weight of 150 carats. It is fully decorated: there are a little more on the bodice, even the edge of the fabric is decorated with stones, on the skirt - less. This is an exclusive designer model, the second one does not exist. Despite the fact that the product is more than 10 years old, there is still no buyer for it.

Frank outfit for $ 9 million . It is designed in such a way that it looks like a black and white web. The product is extremely short, with an open neckline (covers only the most frank places), opens the sides and arms. In the white threads that make up the entire structure, expensive black diamonds are woven. The number of stones is not known. The outfit was created by British fashion designer Scott Henshall for the model Samantha Mamba. The girl took it on the red carpet of the premiere of the film "Spider-Man 3" in 2004.

$ 8.5 million wedding attire The creator is the famous fashion designer from Japan Ginza Tanaka. The dress is airy and light. A skirt on the floor is decorated with many feathers. The bodice has the shape of a "heart" and thin straps. On the sleeves and neck - a thin translucent fabric, decorated with a scattering of precious diamonds and rare pearls.

Luxurious black dress for $ 5.6 million . Handmade outfit made of heavy satin, crepe de chine and chiffon. The price is explained by a pattern embroidered with gold threads with white diamonds. There are no straps on the product, there is a basques, a cape and a large cut on the side, showing the leg from the knee. Product weight - 13 kilograms, not everyone can wear it.

Marilyn Monroe Dress for $ 4.6 Million One of the most memorable shots with this actress is an excerpt from the film "Itching of the Seventh Year." During this scene, Marilyn stands above the ventilated hatch, he turns on, and her skirt lifts up. It's about him. The product has a deep V-neck, pleated skirt below the knee.

$ 1.8 million evening gown . The sale was carried out at auction (initial bid - 500 thousand dollars). The dress is long and frank: the shoulders and back are bare, just below the hip line there is a cut that opens the legs. The black fabric is decorated with an expensive white pattern. The main detail is a silk corset decorated with diamonds (about 2 thousand).

Outfit of Marilyn Monroe for $ 1.6 million . The legendary outfit for the song "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." The creator is Jean Louis, a fashion designer from the USA. Silk tight dress in beige color. The texture of the product shimmers in the light - it is decorated with a scattering of diamonds.

Outfit for the red carpet for $ 1.5 million . Dress from Armani fashion house, in which actress Naomi Watts appeared at the Oscars. Unusual design: fitted style, metallic gray color, open back, avant-garde and asymmetrical decor of the decollete zone. The texture of the material consists of sequins and diamonds.

Wedding dress Kate Middleton for 400 thousand dollars . A product with a long (2.7 meters) train and lace decor on the bodice and sleeves. Fashion Designer - Sarah Burton.