The most expensive bracelet in the world

The bracelet of the Duchess of Windsor, which had previously adorned the graceful hand, was the most expensive in the world. What is this, albeit expertly executed, thing, read on.

Reference! Initially, the bracelets that adorned the hands of people of the ancient world already had utilitarian functions - they served to protect the wrist from damage and at the same time as amulets. The desire to give an aesthetic form to everything led to the appearance of luxurious and skillfully made things.

Precious wrist panther Wallis Simpson

The piece of jewelry art created by Cartier artisans replenished at one time the collection of jewelry of the American W. Simpson, who became the wife of the Duke of Windsor. This outstanding woman has become in every sense dear to the crowned spouse (she has a third): she cost him not only a lot of money, not sparing him for the most expensive stones, but also the throne! For her sake, former Edward VIII ceded the British throne to his brother.

The bracelet is a flexible figure with sparkling emerald eyes of a predatory cat, made of:

  • platinum;
  • diamonds
  • onyx.

All this artfully bonded beauty, almost 20 cm long, tightly grips the wrist.

2010 was marked by a major event in the world of luxury lovers: Sotheby's largest auction house put up for sale twenty Wallis jewelry, including the famous panther. And this lot “outweighed” all the others combined: its price was over 4.5 million pounds ! Moreover, several stones by this time the decoration was missing.

In whose possession the jewel passed, is unknown. According to rumors, it was Madonna . Not disclosed and incognito seller.

Currently, the bracelet is estimated at a figure in excess of $ 12 million . How much will it cost in the future, experts are afraid to predict!

Interesting! The noise around the duchess's jewelry began in 1987, when the owner of Sotheby's A. Taubman put them up for auction. Prior to this, the “tour” of the collection to major museums in Europe and America served as an excellent advertisement. The history of the auction became a real show!

Why so expensive?

The price of products of this class depends, in addition to the materials spent on it and the skill of jewelers, on:

  • manufacturer’s position in the world of jewelry business;
  • status and popularity of former owners;
  • stories of stuff.

All this is about the famous bracelet, created by a famous manufacturer for one of the most famous women of the twentieth century and who became a dumb witness to many outstanding events.

Established in 1952, the panther cemented the commercial relationship between Cartier and the Duchess, who became one of the brand’s faces . This was not the only thing made by the famous jewelry house for Wallis, and some were made according to her sketches. From the panther, the story of the “cat” line of jewelry began, glorifying the jewelry house.

Interesting! Each decoration of the duchess is fraught with engravings of a purely personal nature, and you can track a specific stage in the development of their relationship. It only raises the price!