The most expensive boots

One of the oldest wardrobe items has its roots far in the past. Initially, they were common among nomads, for whom boots were ideal when riding. They were always considered shoes for the nobility, especially when shoes with hard soles became widespread. The boots above the knee were called boots, and gained popularity mainly in the Baroque era.

Now boots are not only popular shoes, but also a luxury item. Currently, there are many manufacturers who have brought them out of the category of comfortable and everyday wardrobe into real art. Decorated with various diamonds, made from unusual varieties of leather, boots have long been the subject of admiration for many fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. Even the famous houses of culture could not get past the boots, and today we will consider the top 10 most expensive brands of boots.

Top 10 most expensive boot brands


The company, which is owned by Ruggiero Guidi, is located in Italy, and is mainly engaged in the manufacture of exclusive bags and shoes. The cost of boots in boutiques in the Russian Federation varies from 70 thousand to 110 thousand thousand rubles per pair.

9. Casadei

Another famous Italian fashion house. Unlike other well-known brands, Casadei sets the main benchmark not only for beauty and style, but also for convenience. This distinguishes this fashion house from its competitors.

8. Gianvito Rossi

Italian designer, originally working in his father’s company. Gianvito Rossi was able to bring his shoes to a whole new level. The main vector of style is femininity and elegance. Prices in stores vary around 100, 000 per pair.

7. Roger Vivier

French designer Roger Vivier enjoys undoubted authority and popularity not only at home and around the world. Enough is the fact that in 1953 the English Queen Elizabeth II herself was wearing shoes from this designer. With regards to the style of Vivier can rightfully be called the avant-garde of the fashion world. This feature has allowed this designer to maintain his untouchable authority for 40 decades.

6. Maison Margiela

The peculiarity of this house is not only the production of haute couture clothes, but also ready-to-wear. In addition to shoes, accessories, jewelry and perfumes are produced. Basically, this brand has become known for its deconstructivism. Prices in the Russian segment range from 90 - 100 thousand rubles.

5. Christian Louboutin

A well-known French clothing designer with his distinguishing mark - a red sole on shoes. Prices in Russia start at 120 thousand rubles for a pair of boots.


An American street clothing brand. However, in their collection there are also premium class positions. The clothes of this particular brand are worn by such performers as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Rihanna and with other stars. Also known is cooperation with companies such as: Nike, IKEA, etc.

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Design

The Italian brand, which began to exist only in 1995. This brand is known for its huge collection of shoes created specifically for singer Beyoncé. In the Russian segment, prices for a pair can reach 150 thousand rubles.

2. Yves Saint Laurent

The haute couture house, which is known for its unique combination of male and female wardrobe items. Since 1999, the house belongs to the Gucci group. In Russian boutiques, prices for some pairs of shoes can reach 300 thousand rubles.

1. Gucci

Extremely famous Italian fashion house, which became popular thanks to an unusual selection of material for the production of clothes and shoes, such as alligator skin or pig skin.

Features expensive crazy shoes

The main and, undoubtedly, important feature of delusional shoes for the layman, undoubtedly, is its price. But at the same time, such shoes clearly indicate the status of their owner. Also often branded items look much better than ordinary wardrobe items. It is also worth noting their exclusivity. Indeed, in most cases, collections are issued in a limited edition, and it is possible that a unique pair of boots purchased at the next exhibition will become unique in its own way.