The most expensive bag

A good bag is expensive. Sometimes it's hard to imagine how much.

Tanaka: super exclusive

Created by a great master from the Land of the Rising Sun, this design marvel shakes with its luxurious practicality! Ginza Tanaka managed to create a platinum accessory that can be easily disassembled like a designer: a strap can replace a necklace, and jewelry adorning a bag can be brooches or pendants.

The largest diamond bag used in the decor weighs about eight carats. In total, over two thousand diamond stones with a total weight of two hundred and eight carats went to inlay the jewelry and haberdashery masterpiece.

The second such model in the world is not and is not expected, which influenced the price of a jewelry bag: in 2008, it was estimated at almost two million . It is difficult to calculate how much the owner of such a thing would cost her protection if the accessory had a mistress: having become only once the subject of sale, the handbag became an exhibit of one of the Japanese museums.

REFERENCE. The first decorated bag dates from archaeologists around the middle of the 3rd millennium BC. The decor went to several hundred dog teeth.

Five incredibly expensive bags

These bags are the dream of many fans of expensive accessories. Especially those made in a very limited series.

Chanel diamond forever

The glaring luxury of a product made of white leather set in white gold encrusted with diamonds (334 pieces!) Forced to become anonymous all who decided on such a purchase. Of the thirteen buyers, the most courageous was the recognized Queen of Outrageous Madonna, who came with an expensive "envelope" on a chain of the highest standard white gold for a charity evening. Having flaunted with an inaccessible simple mortal item, the diva sold it at auction for three and a half hundred thousand “green” ones.

REFERENCE: A bag as a costume decoration, and not just a convenience, begins its history from the XIV century. Expensive fabrics, like velvet, have since been embroidered with gold and beads, decorated with precious stones. The more status a lady is, the more expensive her “OMONIER” is.

Lana marks cleopatra clutch

Only the newfangled couturier could imagine the legendary Cleopatra with a clutch (and Lana Marx is just that!). The “unhistorical” name was not confused by Helen Mirren, who appeared with a modest-looking handbag at the Oscars-2007.

Appearance, however, turned out to be deceptive: discreet light material turned out to be exotic alligator skin, in addition, “weighted” with white gold and diamonds up to a quarter of a million dollars . During the crisis, such extravagance was considered a bad manners, to which the actress was criticized by all the world media. Having steadfastly withstood their condemnation, Mirren established a peculiar fashion for the Cleopatra brand things among other inhabitants of Hollywood.

Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton

Combining the incompatible by combining different materials, the designer Marc Jacobs was much before this delight. In 2008, he shocked the fashion world with garbage collected at a city cleanup. So scraps of a plastic bottle, scraps of tea bags and cigarette packs and other things traditionally sent to the trash turned out to be a designer product for one and a half hundred thousand dollars . What contributed to the famous secular lionesses with the image of brawlers - Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin

The bag model created by the famous wife of Serge Gainsbourg remains one of the most expensive to this day. In 2014, she embodied in a version of crocodile leather in different colors. A convenient product that looks discreetly expensive costs one hundred thousand dollars .

HELP: The first bag designed by Jane Birkin was released in 1984.

Leiber Precious Rose Bag

To call a bag a fragile product in the form of a rose made of diamonds, tourmaline and sapphire, the tongue hardly rotates. It is worth the one-of-a-kind creation of the Hungarian Judith Libier ninety-two thousand dollars . She is clearly not going to repeat this experience.