The most elegant first ladies of the world

Being the first lady is not an easy task. Not only does she have a number of responsibilities, but she is also closely watched. The merits and demerits of the wives of the first persons of the states are discussed in the press, and the paparazzi are hunting for them.

The woman who received the status of the first lady is not forgiven for mistakes. This applies not only to the performance of representative functions, but even to speech and appearance. Reservation, embarrassment, non-observance of the dress code - all this instantly becomes known and replicated by the media.

And how many all kinds of top ratings ranking first ladies for one or another quality! There is a pedigree, and education, and favorite animals. Of course, to be first is work. To be in a situation of constant choice, to sacrifice their own addictions is far from possible for everyone. Nevertheless, history knows a lot of examples when the first lady managed to win at the same time both the love of her compatriots and her recognition as an “icon of style”.

The first ladies that the world recognized as the most stylish and elegant

Who is remembered all over the world first of all when it comes to the most elegant first ladies?

Jacqueline Kennedy, USA

Of course, this is Jacqueline Kennedy! It was she who set herself the difficult task of proving to the world that the United States is not a “country of bad taste." She did it the same way she managed to become an example to follow.

Important ! Jacqueline Kennedy always dressed in strict accordance with her own expression about the dress, which "should be tight enough to show that you are a woman."

It is almost impossible to remember in a loose fit outfit. Even the famous pink suit from Chanel, considered to be a visual image of the sixties, did not hide the feminine silhouette of its mistress.

The same part, which has become a kind of symbol of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, is fully related to the second part of Jacqueline's dictum. It is about clothes that should be "loose enough to show that you are a lady."

Grace Kelly, Monaco

Grace Kelly managed to become both the Princess of Monaco and a legend in the fashion world . She was embodied aristocracy, restraint and sophistication. She wore only those outfits that emphasized femininity.

Almost any of her dresses is like this description: a narrow bodice, open shoulders, a wide flared skirt, accented waist.

Grace Kelly preferred natural fabrics and sleek fit . I always remember it with snow-white gloves and an addiction to handbags, so much so that Hermes fashion house called one of its models “Kelly”.

Important ! The princess's wedding attire was considered a reference for several decades. It is now repeated in different interpretations. The modern “perusal” is Kate Middleton's wedding set.

Lady Diana, UK

And who does not remember Lady Diana, Princess of Wales? Formally, she was not the first lady. She had the rank of "third woman in the kingdom" after the queen and queen mother. But Diana was the wife of the heir to the throne, so they treated her like the first persons of the state.

For 15 years of marriage to Prince Charles, Diana was so fond of the royal subjects that they bestowed on her the title of Queen of Human Hearts.

Everything is in this title: the personality qualities of the princess, kindness, sociability, charity and an invariable sense of style.

Melania Trump, USA

Of our contemporaries, several wives of the heads of state are recognized as the most stylish at once.

The first lady of the United States Melania Trump always looks as if she had just left the page of a glossy magazine . Hair, costume, shoes - it's impossible to find fault with anything!

And also the naturalness of emotions, the love of provocation. Remember the public reaction to the episode when it turned out that Mrs. Trump, going to the parade in honor of Independence Day of her country, “forgot” to put on her underwear.

But these are trifles, no one disputes the fact that the wife of the current American president has a taste.

Queen Leticia, Spain

The Spanish consort queen Leticia is always elegant. She is known for constantly working on herself.

The former journalist learned to cope with emotions, so that, remaining in the shadow of her husband, be his "calling card."

Leticia is slim, with pleasure demonstrates the virtues of the figure. Help her in this diet, Pilates and yoga.

And also an interesting mix of designer clothes with clothes from the mass market.

Mehriban Aliyeva, Azerbaijan

In the post-Soviet space, the title of the most stylish wife of the president was awarded to Mehriban Aliyeva from Azerbaijan. Looking at the dresses of this lady, it is hard to imagine that she has three children and four grandchildren!

She is always in trend, always follows the latest fashion trends, easily switches from business style to casual .

But we must pay tribute - Mrs. Aliyeva never goes beyond the dress code for top officials.

Important ! The secret of her elegance is the thoughtfulness of details, the restraint of the silhouette, expensive fabrics and jewelry.

Asma al-Assad, Syria

Another lady from the east who has the definition of “style icon” is Asma al-Assad, wife of the Syrian president. She does not accept oriental pretentiousness in clothes .

Her style can be described in three words: modesty, simplicity, elegance .

Important ! Asma al-Assad is sometimes referred to as the "Syrian Lady Diana." Such a comparison can be considered the highest praise of Asme and her ability to dress.

By the way, Ms. al-Assad even appeared at the Summit of Arab Women in an elegant European outfit.

Raisa Gorbacheva, USSR

And where are the Russian first ladies? Unfortunately, only one Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva was distinguished by the ability to dress stylishly.

Yes, she was always on top, sharing with her husband the ups and downs. But the people did not find understanding: the president’s wife looked very good against the background of her poor people.

Such a curious case is known. Raisa Maksimovna several times said that she was dressing with Vyacheslav Zaitsev, although this was not so. To the question of the fashion designer herself, why did she say so, she answered simply: “Isn't that pleasant for you?”

What you can learn from the most stylish ladies

Of course, you can be dressed expensively, correspond to etiquette, but at the same time remain a “simpleton”. There are many examples!

Laura Bush always wore baggy and colorless pantsuits.

Michelle Obama was reproached for the love of sparkling and shimmering outfits.

And Nancy Reagan became famous for her addiction to excessive luxury.

Even the first ladies, recognized as stylish, sometimes make mistakes. Some of them can safely take aging lessons . They are so masterfully out of delicate situations that it seems that it was originally conceived. All these women went through many trials that formed their character traits. This allowed us to treat both praise and criticism with dignity.